How are you.. ? Who are you ?


After some ages,
May be someday,
When i will meet you or rather i should say…
When we will meet..!
I will definetly going to ask you
“how are you ?”
I hope
I really hope, you won’t ask me..
“Who are you?”

Happy New Year to All…

P.S : That Scratchy Voice is Mine .. Sorry If it is Irritating to Any


Looking At You : A Short Love Story

Once Upon A Time,
I Saw You near a bookstall,
You with a Long hair, fixing it And trying to tie A bun,

I looked at you And just kept looking at you,
you were unaware of my little love story for you,
Slowly i started walking towards you, by just looking at you, your hair And ofcourse the fan over you(which was making it tough to hold your hair..).
And in between my continous stalking,

You looked at me And asked to switch off the fan..
i said yes but by shaking my head for no , but i did what was asked by you,
You said thank you,

I just could manage to say Let me know when to start it.
You smiled back with an extended giggle..
And i left the place with many more smiles…

Never Answer If You Dont feel Like Answering…

Once Upon a Time There was a Little kid Who wanted to remain Happy for life,

Life sometimes listened his voice , sometimes asked him tough questions, he remained smiling always , though he could not make anyone happy, but yes he choose to stay happy in every little and small happenings,

practically he was going through a lot but it never made him down, his self esteem and confidence was always there to think clear about his choices ,

he never compromised,

he never begged,

he never felt small ,

he has been asked many questions, few he prefered to answer many he ignored,

people were against him, situations were not favouring him, but he remained the way he wanted, tried again after every disappointment, the hustle was always in silence ,

He always believed in him and the supreme power .. who actually stood by him to cross the lines, rivers and mountains,

he fell , he stood he got tired,ignorant,negligent, rusty and dumb ,but still felt of thinking the way he used to think, which was not practically good but his choices were his prefered choices which he wanted to percieve with…

Life is a journey were we learn ,unlearn, relearn, and this is how the journey of that little boy is going on,

he is imperfect, he prefers to be a perfectionist,

he preaches ,he is lazy ,

he as a human is not sweet if you are bad to him, but he will help you his heartout if he feel to do that,

he could be me ,he could be you, we are the ones who are trying to find an arc of success , and the life filled with happiness….. 🙂

people are always there to judge you, question you as many as they can .

Just answer the ones you want, leave the remainings with a smile .
Never Feel the need of Finding answers to answer people.

Thank You 🙂

5 Years of Love And Celebrations…

Hi friends, hope you guys are doing good . please stay safe and strong.

Today i am here to share that 5 years ago i started my journey at this beautiful place and i feel so happy to be the part of a platform where i have reinvented myself , i never knew few things about me which i have actually came to know by being a member at this platform ,

i feel that i did the right thing by enrolling my self and mind you this is the only place where i have been for such a long time, as usually i leave the places after sometime may be because i don`t feel the need to continue or i have the feeling of getting bored, but at this place i really learned and developed my skills which were raw by then, there were many people who were better than me from day one , but the constant learning scope and interest is something with which i feel i am better than yesterday but yes still i have a lot to learn and a long distance to travel.

there have been many friends and followers to whom i never met and knew in any form but they liked my work and i really liked their motivational feedback. i feel they have helped me by questioning , praising, and sharing their versions and perceptions.

i respect everyone as they have made me better with every single opinion. yes it has been a possible and successful journey because of the constant support of all you guys.

i firmly believe that the love for this place will only increase in tonnes, and i really want the support and love from everyone in the same way .

i want you all to share your thoughts , complaints, and opinions for me and my posts. and i do want you all to support me and published books in the best possible way. as i feel a bit shy to promote it. but yes won`t mind if you people could do it. and actually have your copy and share your feedback.

i have observed that i am lacking newness in my posts, may be i am outdated now, 🙂

i really want you all to suggest me to become an updated version of mine or the one who is on point with the demands of modern days writing , your suggestions are like gold for me which you comment down or may write down a mail at .

Thank you

R Prakash Rao (RPR)

Janamasthami 2 Chaturthi offer !


Hello Everyone ,

Hope you all are good and sharp at health,

Also expecting the best fortunes for everyone of you

may everything around you becomes fruitful and happier.

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