Unknowingly Yours…

With love without letting you know about it… Without my best of senses… May be due to some intuition within me… Or due to some eye contacts.. With some hesitation and a bit of confusion… Getting to a conclusion.. And Acknowledging that……. Yes Darling I am Unknowingly Yours…

“I love your daughter… “

Fish (Guy) : hello uncle… I am… I think …I Want to say something to you, uncle I know it’s quite odd to say this but I have to say this that I love your daughter… would be happy to get married to her. Fisher ( Her Father) : excuse me! Fish : yes itContinue reading ““I love your daughter… “”

Fire Without a Smoke..

Thanks To That Messy Wall, Standing There Behind the Garage With a light more like a moon.. To support and withstand The load of two Passionate Bodies.. With hand over hand.. Feet above feet.. Lips Above And Under Lips.. Tongues Fighting to prove each other best .. Salvia Intermixed within the mouths, Like the JuicesContinue reading “Fire Without a Smoke..”

I am not loving you , I Just …

No , I don’t love you, it is not like that , I just like your smile and smirk, I really don’t love you , I think I just like that eyes , yes big round & deep eyes, like a sea to swim… . Please don’t get me wrong with my acts, I reallyContinue reading “I am not loving you , I Just …”

Definitely You..

I know…. I have more things to do… But I have my own selected priorities , though it look silly to some and careless to many.. But yes i do have my priorities.. And the most prior of the priorities is you… Definitely You. Life starts with you and Ends at you

Love to sleep over your Lap

Lap… I love to sleep over your lap, I feel so calm, Also sleepy.. My worries don’t haunt me anymore.. And I am not the same insomniac .. Also, I don’t have headaches.. I feel so good… Chilled and relaxed.. I feel free to breathe, All my tensions get vanished.. Yes your Lap, similar toContinue reading “Love to sleep over your Lap”

I never loved you.

That day with some tears , she came to him and said, I feel sorry to you for being so helpless , I am sorry, I know you love me a lot and i really don’t need any evidence as I can feel it, but I never loved you dear , yes this is whatContinue reading “I never loved you.”

I Find You Cute.

I find you cute, seriously cute. When you smile in between the intense arguments, I find you cute, when you try to sing sharp with a bad voice. When you try and match your clothes with mine for every party, I find you really very cute, When you ask me to close the umbrella evenContinue reading “I Find You Cute.”

Loving Ghost

Yes he kissed her as she sleeps next to him every night, And in the morning he takes his breakfast with her. As she loves to cook for him and watch him eating, He make few cups of coffee which they enjoy with a kiss . She comes and goes, she is not scary butContinue reading “Loving Ghost”

I will meet you there ( Linked)

Hey hello everyone , hope you all are fine and fabulous . Just shared a link of my blog post from my another blog site, titled as “I will meet you there” which I really liked and it has been one of my favorite posts, hope you guys like it as well, Look I stillContinue reading “I will meet you there ( Linked)”

Thank you Mr. Sharma

Just saw you there for the very first time at the coffee shop behind my office. you have been playing & posing with the bunch of flowers .And waiting eagerly for your cup of coffee.I was there with a Client for a business meeting,But I hardly heard a word of him,As I was watching youContinue reading “Thank you Mr. Sharma”

Love Scoops… The Romantic Tale

They both were watching a movie and it was around 2am, everyone except them were sleeping, it was a good regional movie which they were watching, and suddenly she realized that no one is awake, she whispered with a touch on his feet, ” hey, all are sleeping except us” ! He turned every whereContinue reading “Love Scoops… The Romantic Tale”

The Last Love Letter… (Linked)

Hello Everyone, Just shared a Link below, hopefully you all will tap and read, from my another site ‘the Roasted chicken’. https://wp.me/p83UZy-1o Thank you *Don’t forget to follow the blog . **Don’t Hesitate to like and comment. 😀

Love you even more…

Hey Girl , I love you even more, and more, When you are angry, I just love that face, That face with a Red tint all over, Pointed nose, sharper then the normal Still eyes, with questions more than a kid Sometimes folded lips, (internally) With the shrinks of eye brows, quite animated Love youContinue reading “Love you even more…”

The Orange Lipstick

Another Day, and it is another wedding of a dear friend, at some distance from my home town , we took over basics and decided to reach the wedding place by a day before, Our rooms were near to the rooms of girls from the other side , everyone was trying their bit to seeContinue reading “The Orange Lipstick”

The Obsession…

Observing the obsession by searching the same eye contacts everywhere I go.. Observing the obsession by every similar fragrance I smell… Observing the obsession when I accidentally turn back to look the same tiny little girl with a mild makeup like you.. Observing the obsession when I stare any girl wearing that light pink salwarContinue reading “The Obsession…”

Love Harder!

Love Harder, Love beyond the limits. Love unconditionally. Love Harder than yesterday. Love Harder than he/she expected. Love Harder than anyone. Love harder so that they always have a smile. Love harder than your partner loves . Love harder to discard all the worries. Love Harder to withstand by them forever. You Know what, itsContinue reading “Love Harder!”


The Story of my love started with your smiles… Strengthened with my anger.. Grown with your promises.. Nurtured with my beliefs.. Affected with the people around us… Spoiled with the insecurities…. Ruptured with the traps of your loved ones.. Finished with your decision.. Separated by the society.. Not ended with my loneliness.. And ReLiving LoveContinue reading “LoVeAndOnlyLove.”

She was in a Grey Saree..

She just came from her workplace . And she realized that their is no one their , she thought it is good to have some private moments with her lover, she called him to come and join her as they both were seeking some space for them.. He came without wasting much time… She wasContinue reading “She was in a Grey Saree..”


The same thing is different when you start feeling it.. The same world is different when you start exploring it.. The same life is different when you start living it… The same people are different when you start accepting them.. The same problems are different when you start solving them.. The same joke is differentContinue reading “Reload!!!”


Sometimes you have the destiny but you don’t know how to reach… Sometimes you have the Questions but you don’t know how to answer.. Sometimes you have the life but you don’t know how to live.. Sometimes you have the Path but you don’t know how to walk.. Sometimes you have the arsenal but youContinue reading “#sometimes…”

Lost or Leaved ?

Well .. It’s awkward for me to put this in public but yes it is a true story true pain true cheat true life true love and of course true lie…. she loved me a lot for 7 long years so that no one has ever did with any one but she left me withoutContinue reading “Lost or Leaved ?”