How are you.. ? Who are you ?


After some ages,
May be someday,
When i will meet you or rather i should say…
When we will meet..!
I will definetly going to ask you
“how are you ?”
I hope
I really hope, you won’t ask me..
“Who are you?”

Happy New Year to All…

P.S : That Scratchy Voice is Mine .. Sorry If it is Irritating to Any

6 Years of Love …. : Anniversary

Hello Friends, This is to thank every single person who have been part of my beautiful journey, every person who viewed, liked,shared,commented,reposted, followed and unfollowed me, in the span of 6 years ,

i am really very thankful to each and every person for becoming part of my life, Every post of mine has been recieved with immense love for which i am grateful to all, you people gave me ways to improve me,

you appreciated my work,

you have shown your disagreement and also complemented like a star,

i never met anyone of you , we all have been strangers to eachother but here we became friends and discuss the problems of world with solutions better than the best,

i hope the love and empathy towards my work will only grow and become more than what it is now,


I am also very thankful to a stranger , who met in a train journey and informed the beauty of wordpress, also my love to wordpress for being an important part of my life and giving me a place where i can put words without any hesitation and restrictions.

Writing Right things is the most Toughest yet beautiful Form of Expression.

Please stay connected with me, and love my upcoming posts,and projects.

Thank you

Never Answer If You Dont feel Like Answering…

Once Upon a Time There was a Little kid Who wanted to remain Happy for life,

Life sometimes listened his voice , sometimes asked him tough questions, he remained smiling always , though he could not make anyone happy, but yes he choose to stay happy in every little and small happenings,

practically he was going through a lot but it never made him down, his self esteem and confidence was always there to think clear about his choices ,

he never compromised,

he never begged,

he never felt small ,

he has been asked many questions, few he prefered to answer many he ignored,

people were against him, situations were not favouring him, but he remained the way he wanted, tried again after every disappointment, the hustle was always in silence ,

He always believed in him and the supreme power .. who actually stood by him to cross the lines, rivers and mountains,

he fell , he stood he got tired,ignorant,negligent, rusty and dumb ,but still felt of thinking the way he used to think, which was not practically good but his choices were his prefered choices which he wanted to percieve with…

Life is a journey were we learn ,unlearn, relearn, and this is how the journey of that little boy is going on,

he is imperfect, he prefers to be a perfectionist,

he preaches ,he is lazy ,

he as a human is not sweet if you are bad to him, but he will help you his heartout if he feel to do that,

he could be me ,he could be you, we are the ones who are trying to find an arc of success , and the life filled with happiness….. 🙂

people are always there to judge you, question you as many as they can .

Just answer the ones you want, leave the remainings with a smile .
Never Feel the need of Finding answers to answer people.

Thank You 🙂


Hello World , Meet me someday My name is something which is absolutely not important, what more important is why and what am talking to you all, lets not make this formal, because i hate formalities,

I with all my responsive and decently functioning sense organs and blood vessels with some high voltage Emotions mentioning that i feel i am someone who is very good in making errors infact repeating them in some another way without any learnings.

I feel it is my responsibilty to be fair with my acceptance i have no shame to speak about the right things which are actually wrong,not here to get any sympathy from anyone, just wanted to share it to put some water and treat my wounds.

In the process of acknowledging my supremacy, i am not i am not pointing out the errors as they are countless but yes i can tell i am the one who suffered it the most along with the people of my surroundings,

frankly speaking i am very tired of standing against the flow of wind ,

sometimes i feel, most of the times i dont even realize for years, usually i feel like how i did, but i laugh on myself though for being so wrong again,

but everytime when i am alone i hate my self for being so bad with my choices and decisions, i find myself helpesss, dull and devastating, still i dont learn i commit more errors and feel the same again,

they say we learn from our mistakes, but they dont say we make more errors but yes not in the same way..we dont repeat thats ok in a way but we make errors somehow differently than the previous ones.

Errors are parts of life but when your life is filled with errors, then their is a problem somewhere, which has to be addressed else you are going to be remembered as an Errorist.

What’s wrong With you dear?

Hello Everyone..

How many of you agree to the fact that sometimes advising someone could become your mistake…

You may be doing something for the betterment of the individual by taking some unauthorized ownership which may hurt them if you have been enforcing your views on them. They may feel that you are taking their liberty from them to do things as per them…

And you being unaware of the thinking would give more suggestions which may be good enough but due to the fact that you are hurting their ego. They may ask you who the hell are you to give such suggestions..?

In fact I agree and understand their perception also. as no one want to feel lesser and its hard to see that people take opinions and views sportively…

Nevertheless its good to have a barrier of No I don’t need to do this…Rather then feeling bad of witnessing harshness…

But if you are advising then you will think that the person will praise you or will acknowledge you some Or the other way..

The minimum maturity level and ethics is not there…. Which we normally expect from the people to whom we normally like and admire…but if they led you down then you will feel that the expectation was mistake….

If anyone is advising you something then then you should be able enough to take it positively as no one has a free time in this busy world to advice you. Its purely selflessness .

he/she is advising you because they are your well wishers. You are not paying them to do so.

Is it mandatory that one should always say the good things and put the scope of improvement under the carpet…!

I look my mirror for enhancing my may show me some dark circles but it does not mean that I will break that mirror…!

Sunday Mornings… 

Good Morning Friends,

Tell me the difference between the normal days and Sunday.
Why we are quite late in brushing our teeth ?

Why we are sleepy up to 10am?

Why want Sunday to stay for a longer time?

Why we want Sunday so desperately despite of the fact that we know it will come when it has to come.!

We love Sunday a lot but why we are so casual on this day….even our first cup of tea is delayed but we don’t bother…

and what about that million dollar tensions when go to bed on the Sunday night?

Its a scary feeling….

Sundays are precious…

Is not it?

How many of agree that we are quite lethargic on this day no matter how much we are fragile.

God Bless you…

Have Fun….

its Sunday/Fun day

Apology for the Analogy

The way things are going now a days it could become even more worse for the people…

just for the power game our so called mature experienced and bold politicians are crossing their limits …
Are they not playing with the emotions of their countrymen …it’s highly idiotic to see them in this manner ….

ohh fully selfishness beyond expectations…

Why and how they do this ?

Becoming communal or stating something which could hurt someone’s emotion is should be  strictly considered as crime for any single individual whether he is king or slave…

as it could be the spark which can burn the entire house…..

We don’t want any more fights or rights we have more issues to get sorted, and focus should be on the basics like unemployment, girl‘s safety, modernization, poverty, crime rate, industrial stabilization, inflation education and empowerment etc….

how this community war Came in between these….grow up @our politicians

Its our India and we can make things happen please know the value of a single vote …..

Glory and Garbage….

Oh, this life is very dramatic it makes us feel annoying at times…
A man who has seen a life of a king and ruled people at His will like puppets …without any mercy and relaxation has now going to face all sorts of trouble in his life like poor common man…

whether he likes it or not .

and this time he is going to face all kinds of torture from the contradictors….

it is simply harsh to the stature of a king to live this kind of pity life but its just his fate and he cannot make any choice ..I feel really bad for him he has seen glory now he has to see the garbage for survival…..

O God you are very harsh sometimes….

but its OK if you feel its just the proper judgment..

 life …!

This life is quite a brain drainer sometimes. As it becomes tough to figure out the right one out of the numerous odd ways and in this process we could either become hero or zero .


Its just that we are about to do something in which we are bound to select the thing whether we are not sure about its output, it could be both ways but we have to do irrespective to our will…if it gives a better result we take credit by that if not then we have to pay the damn price and it hurts more because its just not mistake it’s a forced mistake…

situations and circumstances I hate this two words as they don’t favor me at all. I have to do all which I don’t want to do but time speaks louder then your will…I hate loudness though,

And our mind is just doing nothing because we are thinking with all parameters of happenings…

Mindislike a puppetsometimes..

Sad but fact.

more to learN anD morE to TeacH

Well its obvious to grow and learn in life but as we get imbibed in certain duties in our daily life it becomes tough to aid every next thing in notice..

As we find it boring in doing the same sort of things on daily basis and in return we start diminishing our creativeness in life…

we want shortcuts for our life we want quick fixes…

we do not need any experimentation or exploration ….thus it becomes necessary for us to proceed in the same way…. but this in conclusion states that we are not lesser then the software based robots who starts and completes the works on the same induced programming…they need charge to sustain or prolong their working ability and we need food…

we need to have some creativeness in our life

something more to learn..

something more to grow..

something more to express..

something more to explore…

and of course something more to deliver as a human being… how we can do this ?or do we want to do this ? is the biggest question above all….. the transformation of ourselves back to humans from robots is quite a lethargic process but this is the most needy thing which i find in our life….lets take the initiative to put the things in the most original way rather than the program based life….

The Exact Reality


Some see what they can

 Some hide what they can,

Some show what they want

And Some know what to show….

They judge you then

They make you cruel criminal and culprit

They say what they are supposed to say..

Mind you they don’t talk anything inspiring ,

Not even reality, because they don’t even know the exact reality..

So what is the exact reality?

Of course it is not what showed to see,,

It is that which has been hidden somewhere in the dustbin.

Or in the dump box,

May be sealed in the lips intact…

The truth is frozen with all the selfish and evil deeds

Can we really melt it?

The truth is not necessary for the one who is not seeking it..

Not even for the one who believed the false and fabricated truth.

But for the one who has been stated declared and considered wrong, filthy and mischievous.

For the one whose soul is pleading to bring , show and tell the exact truth and reality.

                              Lets Find The Exact Reality.

In Response ..

Things are shaping slowly, like we see the clouds before the good needed rain, after a long never ending summer,

people are back to move on the roads, some with the need and some with sense of relaxation,

kids have started playing cricket again in the streets with masks while batting but with the common bat :p

women are happy to see people walking, some in the evening and some in the morning.

It is good to se everyone standing again with the same effort against the wicked virus, like they did last year,

they all have realized it is not going to end this or that year, it will end when we all have our vaccinations, when we are not going to repeat the same mistakes again,

we with the combined effort can make it possible, we will never have this shackled life if we abide and obey the modern rules of life.

In response to this strain and that strain we all have to stand and prove again that this life which is gifted to us by god is very precious to us.

And we are not going to make it waste by any such man made virus.

Let’s Relive.