Return if you find it.

A Part of Mine is Missing,

I have been seeking and searching it’s Existence,

But I think I lost it,


I lost my heart and so my smile.

Check if it is there with you,

Please Return if you find it.

It has been there with me,

But I lost it,

Lost it from the last hug of yours ,

Just Check it,

you may find it somewhere,

Around your heart,

May be around your perfume,

Even around your Mirror,

Return it, if you find it.


Jennifer Winget

Some scented paper flowers ,

some colored lamps ,

some artificial glittering

some dry fruits with sweets and snacks,

some hilarious jokes, and a never ending gratuitous music of saxophone..

life is slow, yes not moving but living is mandatory.

feeling something like a hollow river,

deep and silent with waves somewhere beneath,

eyes are closed but not sleepy,

I am at rest but yes tired though,

something is scratchy,

something is ostentatious,

someone is being missed .

may be a true friend ,

may be an old friend,

a well wisher

Or someone who has been as closes as no one.