Just Be My Side…

Be My Side,

Everytime when i need you..

Everytime i am right and also wrong,

Be my side,

when i misunderstand, also misunderstood by others.

Be my side when i am low,


and need you the most,

just be my side..

Be my side when i sing a song, also when i dance .

Be my side in my every win and loss, small and big moments.

Just see it in my eyes ,

Read, feel, observe and acknowledge, the need of you in my side.

Dont Ignore,

Dont Avoid ,


Dont Walkway.

just come to me with a smile…

Hug me , Hit me, Kiss me, Hold me or Just keep looking at me… but be my side ,

just be my side..

Let’s Love Again..

Let’s love

A bit more than the last time,

Like you say ” Lost in love”

This Red Rose is still a bud,

But it is like your favorite Flower,

I plucked it from the public garden,

And Just few drops of rain over it ,

makes it even more beautiful,

Like you look, when you loose your silky hair,

Let’s love,

And love even more,

Like we did,

in the rain,

Under your blue Umbrella,

Yes We kissed in public without any shyness,

As the love overshadowed the crowd around

Let’s love, Again

And love even more,

Let’s kiss Again ,

Even with the Rise of sun,

also in the Rise of moon,

Let’s love again ,

Near the favorite Lake with some coconut trees,

And some natural dim light,

Yes, Let’s Love Again!!!

Good Day