Looking At You : A Short Love Story

Once Upon A Time,
I Saw You near a bookstall,
You with a Long hair, fixing it And trying to tie A bun,

I looked at you And just kept looking at you,
you were unaware of my little love story for you,
Slowly i started walking towards you, by just looking at you, your hair And ofcourse the fan over you(which was making it tough to hold your hair..).
And in between my continous stalking,

You looked at me And asked to switch off the fan..
i said yes but by shaking my head for no , but i did what was asked by you,
You said thank you,

I just could manage to say Let me know when to start it.
You smiled back with an extended giggle..
And i left the place with many more smiles…

And She said It…

jennifer winget

In A competition,

When she was asked to write about me by looking at me,

she left it blank and said

“I can’t write about him , as I feel I shouldn’t waste my time to write about him, when he is in front of me, I would rather prefer to watch him, and just keep on watch him…

Like my eyes got stuck at him,

Like my world has paused at him,

Like I don’t care for being watched by the world when I am looking at him.

Like he is the only one in the world to look and I am the only lucky one with the eyes to look at him.

Yes of course I watch him daily but that’s just not Enough for me,

I can spend my life watching him.

He is so much of love,

I can’t take my eyes away of him when he is there around me,

I prefer to watch him in anything and everything i do.

I kiss his photographs when no one is watching without a mark of my lips at his photos “

And Guess What,

I being her competition at other End , smiling , Blushing , and filled with love and happiness applauded for her .

And said ” I feel the same for you my love but yes I couldn’t have said this in front of everyone.

And yes please give her the Prize she won it without any doubts like she won my heart.”

Sensing You

Gloomy Eyes,

Dim, And  Dull.

Dusky ,What I see Everywhere

Dozens Of Reasons Without so Reasonable,

Ticking Boxes Like Clicking Selfies.

Still Feeling Anxious , Impatient.

Abiding All Conditions & Terms,

Terms To Stay At A distance.

Distance As Much as I can

But You Are in the Every Blink of my eyes.

Why I Sense ,

Like Sensing You