How are you.. ? Who are you ?


After some ages,
May be someday,
When i will meet you or rather i should say…
When we will meet..!
I will definetly going to ask you
“how are you ?”
I hope
I really hope, you won’t ask me..
“Who are you?”

Happy New Year to All…

P.S : That Scratchy Voice is Mine .. Sorry If it is Irritating to Any


Just Be My Side…

Be My Side,

Everytime when i need you..

Everytime i am right and also wrong,

Be my side,

when i misunderstand, also misunderstood by others.

Be my side when i am low,


and need you the most,

just be my side..

Be my side when i sing a song, also when i dance .

Be my side in my every win and loss, small and big moments.

Just see it in my eyes ,

Read, feel, observe and acknowledge, the need of you in my side.

Dont Ignore,

Dont Avoid ,


Dont Walkway.

just come to me with a smile…

Hug me , Hit me, Kiss me, Hold me or Just keep looking at me… but be my side ,

just be my side..

The Perfect Sleep

The Sleep which i have is a perfect sleep.

Yes and Perfect sleep is nothing but closing my eyes and talking to you without any noise, in which we laugh and argue without any noise,

sometimes we crack jokes and sometimes we troll eachother, yes we make jokes on eachother and laugh out louder without a noise.

Without a noise i see you shouting at me and asking me some answers for which i have kisses to offer but not the answers..

Yes you take the kisses but still ask the questions without any noise.

Sometimes you kiss me back without letting me know and do some noise here and there without a noise..

Yes You share your stories of your friends without a noise. And I act like listening you with some expressions of listener without any noise.

I sleep on your lap and you sleep on my chest , you hold my hand and switch off the light yes without a noise…

I like that fragrance of your perfume and you smile back with a smooch without a noise.

And then I sleep for hours and hours without any noise 🙂

Don’t Hide…

Yes I am happy..

I like the little cute smiles,

and the naughty winks of mine,

I wanted all this to happen for me,

Yes This is something different,

its special.

But still I am not accepting it,

I am hiding it,

I want to stay away from this,

I am staying at some distance without my honest will,

But this is quite cautionary,

I am hiding my emotions and the reactive notions.

I am hiding the cute little love.

I want loneliness not love,

May be I am avoiding it with the restricted barriers.

I don’t think I should love,

or i need a love story now,

I am good with the tears,

don’t want someone to wipe out,

I am loving this love but I think I can’t love,

I should not love.

I hope my emotions are not evident to the world,

I hope I can hide it well.

Yes I would prefer to hide my

My Feelings,

My Emotions,


My love.

*Don’t Hide your Emotions . Love , Hate , Anger, or Happiness just show it , feel it . it is good to speak and sort it out, no restricted barriers should come in between of your feelings and confrontations.

More of you….

More of you …

More of you my love…

Yes bit more of you is what I like…

But what you have been doing..

What you have been doing by hiding your own shadows…??

And the more I want…

The more you are invisible…

Invisible smiles…

Invisible shadows..

Invisible Love..

But a sense of your existence is always there…

In which I can smell your fragrance..

More of you I want my love..

Yes a bit more of you…