someday ,


Just Disappeared .

With some anxiety and plenty of Questions,


And confusion.

Just Disappeared

And Lost ..

Lost to find someone..

Lost to find happiness..

Lost to find Life..


Lost to find the own individuality.

Lost to find the soul,


And smile.

Let’s find the Lost one

POWER CUT : a love tale

It was around 6Pm,

and one hour was still there to leave the place,

Then what we felt that a power cut could be a good idea to have a little kiss near the godown, at the backyard of the office.

Actually it was her plan before the Long office tour of mine.

I really liked the idea and did the power cut through the help of electrician , and asked him to switch off his phone for a while and give some relatable excuse, things will be managed by me ,

He did the same without a question, and smiled back with a wink, I tapped over his shoulder and gave some bribe for the sake of love.

My girl has been informed the same, and she already reached the place with so many butterflies in her stomach, as this was our first time in the office premises,

Power cut …., and within 5 minutes everyone left the place with a joy of break from work , then slowly I reached the place ,

She was there , near the door of panel room,

I smiled at her she was blushing and it was dark all-around.

I just thought to look around me whether anyone is there or not, but in between that she dragged me towards her, and whispered “no one is here baby.., Don’t waste time” .

She kissed with some serious passion, and one could see the shine in her eyes, she quickly gone opposite to her shy nature which itself is a remarkable change.

Her thin lips were craving for a long lock with my lips, and my hands were around her neck and hair to hold her head tight.

We both started kissing in the dark messy room,

We both were kissing…

Kissing with the breathe choking smooches.

And with a passion full of love..

We lost each other in the moment there,

we were inseparable,

and we wanted to have so much more in between than just kissing, but we were still kissing,

and we hardly noticed that the office fellows are there who may come at any time,

Thanks to the electrician who reminded that he has to come back and switch the power ON.

We realized the same, and left the place with many more unfulfilled desires.

Thank you

*** A Fictional Tale 🙂

Announcement – Stories For You



Hello and Namaste to all the beautiful people out there, hopefully you all are healthy and doing well.

 This is to inform you all regarding the book “Stories For You” Published by Mr. R Prakash Rao, which is now live and available in India and also in different parts of the world.

 The book is written and crafted with all the hard work and noticeable efforts.

The book does not hold references to any.

  The book is available in both modes i.e. as an EBook and also in the paperback format.

So, requesting you all to show some love to the creativity and dedication involved in it.

Appreciate it if you find it appreciable.

Let’s live the fictional journey with relevance to reality.

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Thank you

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