You’re fake!

You are fake…!

Yes …

You are fake..

Everything about you is fake

Your actions ,

Your gestures ,

Your smiles ,

Your tears ,

Your love ,

Your emotions ,

Your empathy ,

Your sympathy ,

Your care and concerns ,

Your talks ,

Your romance ,

Your Giggles ,

Your Niggles ,

Your Pain ,

Your Gain ,

Your likes ,

Your Dislikes ,

Your truths and of course your lie ,

Everything was fake , there is nothing which is real about you…

You are fake….

Fake you’re!


This is not acceptable!

Hello People , An eight year old girl has been raped , drugged , and murdered in the temple. And this so painful by being the part of same society.

How could be they so brutal?
What they got by doing so?
What was her mistake?
Why they did?
How could we stop?
What is the actual solution?
How could we provide justice to her ?

They were humans?

What is the role of law and order? It exists or not?

How could we answer that girl?

What these coward Politicians are doing after her brutality?
When we could that our girls are safe?
Rape is always a crime whether the culprit is Hindu or Muslim . and we stand by the victims without any communal discrimination and no one can stop us for doing so…

And I Urge everyone to come forward to support them in every possible way .

We need a crimeless society . we want women empowerment. We want their utmost security . we want them to excel and embrace in the way they want.

We stand by for peace and Harmony.

We want justice. We want to stop this brutality at any cost. Please use the virtual and real world to open the eyes of our so called leaders so that they would do some thing to strengthen the women safety and punish the culprits.
it is more in the mind. They are mentally sick.

They are not humans. They don’t deserve to live in the same society .

And the darker part is that people are using their dirty games in the context of the issue just for the sake of their power game and to spread communal rights .

Please don’t make it a part of your dirty politics.

We stand for you kid.

#Justice #RIP #NomoreRapes.

Trying to make it bigger…

Hello friends…

Just thought to share what I have been Thinking..

Yes its high time now. And I want to convert my interest into some serious profession.

As I really want to make it count and stretch my limit through which I could attain the maximum reach and some remuneration also.

So, Looking forward to get into the job of a content writer / online blogger on part/full time basis , so that I could say that my hobby and profession is not different any more.

I don’t think that it is a shame to let others know what I have in my mind at least not from the people who proclaim to follow me and like my work.

Please let me know your suggestions and do share your support in the context of my post.

It would be worthy if I will get true responses from the people to whom I say my fellows.

Please let me know it it is replicating your demands of search.

Thank you

What if I say ..I started Smiling !

And then one day i thought…

If this is what the need is.. then why not?

I can ..

I should..

I will..

For sure…

Yes they are right…

I have to ..

No one can stop me now..

I would..

Yes I started smiling..!

But what if they came to know this..???

They may not like this..

What if I say them that I started smiling!!!


The same thing is different when you start feeling it..

The same world is different when you start exploring it..

The same life is different when you start living it…

The same people are different when you start accepting them..

The same problems are different when you start solving them..

The same joke  is different when you start enjoying it…

Reload the life by adding a new flair to it .

Everything is possible when you are willing to make it possible. It is very important to bring that adaptivity to withstand and conquer every single hurdle of life

Just Bring back Life to Liveliness.

Thank you

    Name is enough…

    Hi Friends, Hope you all are awesome in every possible way. Today I thought to write and  discuss on something very usual but uniquely quirky topic.

    We all have being given by some name it could be as per the choices of our family or being suggested by the people around them. They can give you the name of a girl to a boy or the name of the boy to the girl , some may have the names of Fruits,Flowers and Vegetables (Chameli,Nimbu Lal ,Mewa Singh,PhoolBai etc)

    And some of us may have the names of our ancestors. 

    We don’t have the choice of selection so we stick with those names whether anyone makes a joke on us.

    But some of like the name we have and some don’t.

    Some feel that their name is not unique, and some have the issues of not being a trendy or heroic name. Some may want to adopt the name of their favorite actor or any successful person.

    But every single name is unique so we are the ones who create the name.whatever your name is you should be able enough to make the name which world would remember for a long time.

    You’re special and so your name is . Names are being created by the individuals.

    Every Name has its own identity.

    Names are Being Made by us . 

    Thank You is Not enough for you.

    My favorite thing is to acknowledge people for being what they are in my life . Even though we do it quite often  , but it’s not enough to say thanks or thank you to them , this does not end their role played in our life.

    As we have grown to certain ages we learn , but we forget the ones who were in our school days they are our real friends ,our genuine friends. The friends who don’t like you because you are Rich , Intelligent , or you are Good Looking. They are with you because their soul connects. Their heart says that he/ she is my friend irrespective to the variable difference in  Gender, Culture ,Caste ,Creed or financial stabilities. 

    They  just come smile and say” hey hello ! you are my friend !”

    And the beautiful journey of friendship starts with sharing of Tiffins,Books,Notes and Secrets.

    And Gradually the time flies before you even notice that you are actually depending on each.

    This is the most purest form of friendship. The Real Friendship . The true Friendship without any Hidden Interest and Selfishness.

    I am glad that I have a friend like this ,called Anchal Lanjewar (Then) now Mrs. Anchal Meshram . 

    She is the most selfless soul i have seen. She has made my school life very memorable . she was there for every next possible thing in those days.  I remember When i was going with  a very bad patch in studies ..she took the initiative to teach me and  I still feel that I could not have cleared the exams if she would not have taught me.

     She got Married last year. She has invited me and how could I miss to attend . the only party I attended after years.

    I am very happy for her and wish her a beautiful life . And I am thankful to the god for giving me a friend like her in my life. she will be always my favorite friend . I  have said thanks to her many times but its not enough ..

    I  hardly make friends but when I make I don’t let them go. This is just a little way to express my gratitude to you and our friendship.

    You will be always my favorite friend Anchal. And I know you will be there for me my friend forever like you have been.

    “And Yes Me Aaj Bhi Dimaag ka Dahi  karta hu..”

    Thank you so much but this is not enough.