At a coffee shop…

After a long day, Me at a coffee shop with a coffee on my table.. and literally no one to accompany me.. Looking everyone with a story in mind about their conversations.. In between this, just swallowed the unbearable coffee sips.. And my vulnerable eyes started looking at everyone and everywhere.. Then I saw aContinue reading “At a coffee shop…”

Confusion or Laziness?

Good Noon People, Well I am in a state of confusion, or I am actually delaying it because of my laziness I don’t know, but seriously would like to know your suggestions or clarity about the situation. And the situation is so silly that you may laugh on me. OK let me reveal what itContinue reading “Confusion or Laziness?”

I Love You My Enemy.

Yes I love my enemy. As they make me think twice. So that I could make less mistakes. He/she is the reason for my continues cautiousness. I can feel the pressure of being questioned every time I Sit/ stand. I have to match up with all the demands they do. Sometimes I answer them evenContinue reading “I Love You My Enemy.”

Happy Birthday Daddy !

Wishing You all the happiness ,health and achievements …. Happy Birthday Daddy… May all your little and big dreams come true… May all the worries of your head get vanished… May all the desired happiness of your life stick with you forever… May you become fitter and fittest as you have been always.. May youContinue reading “Happy Birthday Daddy !”

She was in a Grey Saree..

She just came from her workplace . And she realized that their is no one their , she thought it is good to have some private moments with her lover, she called him to come and join her as they both were seeking some space for them.. He came without wasting much time… She wasContinue reading “She was in a Grey Saree..”


Hello Folks, Well before writing anything on this topic I think I have to be honest that I am very angry today. And I don’t know how to control it. In fact I am against of controlling it is a very important emotion. I have my anger issues which has been the reason of myContinue reading “Anger…!”

This is not acceptable!

Hello People , An eight year old girl has been raped , drugged , and murdered in the temple. And this so painful by being the part of same society. How could be they so brutal? What they got by doing so? What was her mistake? Why they did? How could we stop? What isContinue reading “This is not acceptable!”

Trying to make it bigger…

Hello friends… Just thought to share what I have been Thinking.. Yes its high time now. And I want to convert my interest into some serious profession. As I really want to make it count and stretch my limit through which I could attain the maximum reach and some remuneration also. So, Looking forward toContinue reading “Trying to make it bigger…”

What if I say ..I started Smiling !

And then one day i thought… If this is what the need is.. then why not? I can .. I should.. I will.. For sure… Yes they are right… I have to .. No one can stop me now.. I would.. Yes I started smiling..! But what if they came to know this..??? They mayContinue reading “What if I say ..I started Smiling !”


The same thing is different when you start feeling it.. The same world is different when you start exploring it.. The same life is different when you start living it… The same people are different when you start accepting them.. The same problems are different when you start solving them.. The same joke is differentContinue reading “Reload!!!”

Name is enough…

Hi Friends, Hope you all are awesome in every possible way. Today I thought to write and discuss on something very usual but uniquely quirky topic. We all have being given by some name it could be as per the choices of our family or being suggested by the people around them. They can giveContinue reading “Name is enough…”

Thank You is Not enough.

My favorite thing is to acknowledge people for being what they are in my life . Even though we do it quite often , but it’s not enough to say thanks or thank you to them , this does not end their role played in our life. As we have grown to certain ages weContinue reading “Thank You is Not enough.”


Sometimes you have the destiny but you don’t know how to reach… Sometimes you have the Questions but you don’t know how to answer.. Sometimes you have the life but you don’t know how to live.. Sometimes you have the Path but you don’t know how to walk.. Sometimes you have the arsenal but youContinue reading “#sometimes…”

The Fake Truths…

When it comes to make something according to you or me , we are very selfish , we do every possible thing to turn the table in our way. The truth which actually should come in public is always manipulated, As per the interests of the individual it gets chopped , moulded and fabricated asContinue reading “The Fake Truths…”

And It Starts With You…

Life is very Unexpected to us , it has different colors , different phases, and of course different situations to offer us. The darkness of it is very scary, And some of us may quit the precious life with lesser fighting spirit due to the hurdles ,obstacles and obligatory quotients . This is the mostContinue reading “And It Starts With You…”

For The GENext…

What is the Smallest Change we can do in the society which could be beneficial to Enhance the Future of The Next Generation . We all have faced and noticed certain issues so far in the society which have been the obstacle of me, you or next to you. Somehow we have either compensated orContinue reading “For The GENext…”

Dear Prabhjot…

Hello friends , Today I am going to share some memories of my college days , I think its the end of our 1st semester or so.. I met a person called Prabhjot Singh Virdi very much different from me in swag,ideology, physique and very much similar to me in facing problems. Though we sharedContinue reading “Dear Prabhjot…”

I am not Alcoholic…!

Hello People, Today I am going to share some modern kind of allegations given to us . they are in the form of friends and Relatives in our life. And this has became a serious issue now. They have been asking me the same question in every possible way. Hey your eyes are looking veryContinue reading “I am not Alcoholic…!”


Hello beautiful People… I am just trying to put my view on the different kind of searches we do on daily basis for different reasons .. some people search for money some for success some for love Some for pride Some for happiness Some for food Some for Education Some for Followers And Some forContinue reading “Searching…”

History….created but its just a start…

The Bahubali……. The movie which has created a revolution in Indian cinema but can we maintain this for a longer Run do we have that calibre of course we have ,but as the Hype has created in the world…we have to maintain this rage for a long time.but how ? This is the million dollarContinue reading “History….created but its just a start…”

15.04.2017…the day to remember

Thank you… Thank you so much god Thank you all who have supported me in most the toughest phase of my life so far.. I will remember this day forever…. I must say that this date has came very late in my life …this late has taken a lot from me my love …my pride…Continue reading “15.04.2017…the day to remember”


Just a small way to recreate the magic… With complete fun and humour . The life will make u feel more enriched with new reason to feel good… Leave the sadness, darkness,emptiness, cowardness, etc behind. Its your life and you are the boss . Few losses does not make you the loser just fight withContinue reading “Passion….”

Lost or Leaved ?

Well .. It’s awkward for me to put this in public but yes it is a true story true pain true cheat true life true love and of course true lie…. she loved me a lot for 7 long years so that no one has ever did with any one but she left me withoutContinue reading “Lost or Leaved ?”