This is a personal blogging site which does not have any references to any of the individuals, the content and the blogging topics are being chosen by the blogger by his own interest which don’t have any intention to show gratitude or disrespect to any person, gender or religion.

It deals with the social aspects and the ideology of the blogger . it may include the perception of the blogger which does not hold any of the exclamations to claim any issues or to withstand by it . it does not violates any religious sentiments or disrespect to caste.

It also have all the rights reserved ® and the contents , topics , subjects etc have the respective copyrights © 2016.

The blogger does have another blogging site namely “the Roasted Chicken” which may have the contents different or same depending upon the subject of the blog.

The Blogger has successfully published 2 books which are named as “STORIES FOR YOU” & ” DROPLETS OF LOVE ” which are availble in india and abroad on the e commerce sites like flipkart and amazon.

The link of the books is shared below, please tap and enjoy the read.


please do share your thoughts about the contents and books of the author/ blogger.

Thank you

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