You’re fake!

You are fake…!

Yes …

You are fake..

Everything about you is fake

Your actions ,

Your gestures ,

Your smiles ,

Your tears ,

Your love ,

Your emotions ,

Your empathy ,

Your sympathy ,

Your care and concerns ,

Your talks ,

Your romance ,

Your Giggles ,

Your Niggles ,

Your Pain ,

Your Gain ,

Your likes ,

Your Dislikes ,

Your truths and of course your lie ,

Everything was fake , there is nothing which is real about you…

You are fake….

Fake you’re!

21 responses to “You’re fake!”

  1. People may try to fake themselves but the mask will eventually fall off with time because fake people will be with you till the time they need you. Once, that need gets over, they show their true colours….
    But, how can we judge? Are we not hypocrites?
    We do fake our emotions or sometimes, ourselves in one or other situation.. The point is our vision of judging other people and ourselves change.

    P.S.- I am not a supporter of people who are fake. The above views are the representation of an objective point of view.

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    • I am fully agreed with every next thing u said pertaining to the context of the blog…we are unable to judge people and by the time we judge …we have been used/betrayed/ cheated..
      But yes I wish we all have at least one super power of judging people or decoding them in the way they are …

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