Lost or Leaved ?

Well ..

It’s awkward  to put this in public but yes it is a true story true pain true cheat true life true love and of-course true lie….

she loved me a lot for 8 long years so that no one has ever did with any one but she left me without answering me and my questions in a very brutal manner…

She was forced to do so or she has left me or she has been taken away from my life…. I don’t know !
I don’t even know my mistake .. !
I loved her more than I could have Done,

I did all the stuff to make her mine.

but I failed , because  she has not stood for me when I wanted her the most… which is the most painful truth 

and this is something which still looks like a bad dream as i never ever thought of this betrayal from her.

for me this is hard to believe, even though i have passed years with this truth.


what was my mistake still wanna know…


Some questions are necessary to answer…

Life is round we will meet again and again, whenever we will meet I will ask you how are you I hope you will not ask me who are you?

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