That Junk Yard

The people around me are very beautiful but I think it’s just the thinking of the individuals which has gone very cheap and sluggish…. I have gone through few nasty phases of my life and every next time its the most trusted person who has led me down …

I have done all sorts of things from my end to withstand by the individual but when I wanted the same from the person it has been a complete disappointment…. I feel how one could be so selfish…these kind of negative persons just use us for their own good and ruin our life… Has I did wrong by trusting ?…but trust and respect are something which gets increases and get back more you give ….! or it’s just the ‘karma’ of the individual which will give the punishment whenever the time comes…. ..

Never the less I wish that individual for better thinking abilities….as you cannot survive in a longer run by making people fool or by cheating..

Cheap tricks are not worthy all the time.. It’s just the good job and clean mind which stands by us even the moment we loose our sin.

God Bless you fool…

we all are here to live our life …some live with good work so that people remember them even after their death..

and some live with bad work so that people wonder when and how this person is going to die…they have been hated even after their its our choice completely to what and how we want our life to be.

It really takes a lot of time to gain respect,faith and trust on someone but it takes a single second to loose the same faith respect and trust.

Thank You

15 responses to “That Junk Yard”

  1. Inevitable blog …… Coz it’s a part of individual….
    Everyone is liable to pay for his every activity but depends when and how…..

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  2. Yes,true said.Everyone can relate to it.People are known by their deeds .If they are genuine and kind hearted ,then World will remember them after their death but If they are vice one , they will loose their respect in other’s eyes.

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    • Exactly its we and our deeds which replicates our remembrance….. The more good u do for people the more u will be liked by the people and vice least a smile can make us gem of a person

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  3. Wow! I must say you have well framed and presented your thoughts. The people you love the most, hurt you the most. Because it’s us who give them that much power and rights.
    Beautifully done! Keep writing.

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