Apology for the Analogy

The way things are going now a days it could become even more worse for the people…

just for the power game our so called mature experienced and bold politicians are crossing their limits …
Are they not playing with the emotions of their countrymen …it’s highly idiotic to see them in this manner ….

ohh fully selfishness beyond expectations…

Why and how they do this ?

Becoming communal or stating something which could hurt someone’s emotion is should be  strictly considered as crime for any single individual whether he is king or slave…

as it could be the spark which can burn the entire house…..

We don’t want any more fights or rights we have more issues to get sorted, and focus should be on the basics like unemployment, girl‘s safety, modernization, poverty, crime rate, industrial stabilization, inflation education and empowerment etc….

how this community war Came in between these….grow up @our politicians

Its our India and we can make things happen please know the value of a single vote …..

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