In Response ..

Things are shaping slowly, like we see the clouds before the good needed rain, after a long never ending summer,

people are back to move on the roads, some with the need and some with sense of relaxation,

kids have started playing cricket again in the streets with masks while batting but with the common bat :p

women are happy to see people walking, some in the evening and some in the morning.

It is good to se everyone standing again with the same effort against the wicked virus, like they did last year,

they all have realized it is not going to end this or that year, it will end when we all have our vaccinations, when we are not going to repeat the same mistakes again,

we with the combined effort can make it possible, we will never have this shackled life if we abide and obey the modern rules of life.

In response to this strain and that strain we all have to stand and prove again that this life which is gifted to us by god is very precious to us.

And we are not going to make it waste by any such man made virus.

Let’s Relive.

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