Some scented paper flowers ,

some colored lamps ,

some artificial glittering

some dry fruits with sweets and snacks,

some hilarious jokes, and a never ending gratuitous music of saxophone..

life is slow, yes not moving but living is mandatory.

feeling something like a hollow river,

deep and silent with waves somewhere beneath,

eyes are closed but not sleepy,

I am at rest but yes tired though,

something is scratchy,

something is ostentatious,

someone is being missed .

may be a true friend ,

may be an old friend,

a well wisher

Or someone who has been as closes as no one.

Jennifer Winget


People are Good,

People Are Bad.

People are Beautiful,

People are Ugly,

People are Saviors,

People are Cowards,

People are Humble,

And People are also cunning.

People are Humans With a flair of Devils And Deity.

And Humans are crafted to be Good, Bad, Beautiful & Ugly .

We As a Human Are Bound to trust Each other ,

No matter what we have experienced in life. We have to live our life with a positive Mindset and belief ,

All are not same ,

there are Good People Who may Bring Every Happiness you were actually searching.

Find People , to Trust Believe And Love.

There is Right Time for Everything.

And Yes Good People Do Exists.

Double Standards…

How often we see that there is a different sort of treatment in life to a daughter and son, Parents Have their own way of treating both one is above and the other is slightly pushed back,

I would say it is unfair to be partial with your very own children, If it is due to financial problem then it is fine, as situations do change in different phases of life but I have observed a different story where a girl has been treated in an unfair manner because she was a girl ,

she has been manipulated and cheated by her own parents, When she confessed about her love interest for a person her emotions have been suppressed by her own  parents,

she was emotionally blackmailed by her father and mother used her health issues to keep her under control,

she was asked and explained about thinking their social stature and family’s reputation, without even thinking about her emotional feelings for her love interest she was manipulated and in a way forced to get married with the one they selected,

but few years later her own brother opts to marry a girl he chosen for himself, and this time his emotions have been taken into account and supported by the parents  , their manipulation , warning and emotional blackmailing has not worked this time because the boy kept himself above Of everyone, which the girl didn’t did on her time,

she kept her family and their thoughts above by being selfless but I feel this terrible for the girl because her own parents have been mischievous to her, they being of double standards have did injustice to their daughter.

I feel their many such parents and families are around us where the girl has been asked to pay the price for being selfless and responsible, their emotions and thoughts have been discarded, and diminished.

Hope the daughters stand for themselves, hope we find better parents, and families in our society. Because Equality starts at home  ,  Don’t suppress , don’t put the extra baggage don’t make them feel bad for what they are.

If You can accept Your son and his demands then What’s Wrong with a girl and her Demands.

Think About it.

Happy Women’s Day { Belated}

I Am In Need Of…

I Am In Need Of A Bright Sunshine,

A Strong Coffee,

A Big Hug

A clear Approach ,

Positive Thoughts,

Some Really Good News,

New Opportunities,

Favorable Decisions,

A Deep Breathe

Yes Of course The Good Sleep,

Supporting Friends,

Encouraging Words,

Appreciation And Applause

A Good Cricket Match,

And A Never Ending Trust.

I am asking because I need these more than anyone 🙂

The Exact Reality


Some see what they can

 Some hide what they can,

Some show what they want

And Some know what to show….

They judge you then

They make you cruel criminal and culprit

They say what they are supposed to say..

Mind you they don’t talk anything inspiring ,

Not even reality, because they don’t even know the exact reality..

So what is the exact reality?

Of course it is not what showed to see,,

It is that which has been hidden somewhere in the dustbin.

Or in the dump box,

May be sealed in the lips intact…

The truth is frozen with all the selfish and evil deeds

Can we really melt it?

The truth is not necessary for the one who is not seeking it..

Not even for the one who believed the false and fabricated truth.

But for the one who has been stated declared and considered wrong, filthy and mischievous.

For the one whose soul is pleading to bring , show and tell the exact truth and reality.

                              Lets Find The Exact Reality.

In Response ..

Things are shaping slowly, like we see the clouds before the good needed rain, after a long never ending summer,

people are back to move on the roads, some with the need and some with sense of relaxation,

kids have started playing cricket again in the streets with masks while batting but with the common bat :p

women are happy to see people walking, some in the evening and some in the morning.

It is good to se everyone standing again with the same effort against the wicked virus, like they did last year,

they all have realized it is not going to end this or that year, it will end when we all have our vaccinations, when we are not going to repeat the same mistakes again,

we with the combined effort can make it possible, we will never have this shackled life if we abide and obey the modern rules of life.

In response to this strain and that strain we all have to stand and prove again that this life which is gifted to us by god is very precious to us.

And we are not going to make it waste by any such man made virus.

Let’s Relive.