Let’s Talk..

Hello Friends, Hopefully You All Are Good at Your Health, my good wishes are there with everyone of you, Don’t feel shy to share your worries if any. Likewise share your happy moments.

Also Let me know your plans about New year And yes share your Christmas Fun In Detail, it has been a long time talking to you all.

And yes I feel like missing something as important as breathing in life.. So Everyone of you share your things and yes it could be anything,

I am here to listen you, discuss with you and also share my views if asked.

Yes You can ask me as well. 🙂

So Guys Let’s Have Talkings (waiting) !!

Thank You…

His Wife…

His Wife,

She is His wife ,

Wife of the one who don’t works ,

Don’t Have a job ,

Don’t Have a business ,

Don’t Even Have any Assets to look at.

She is the one who has to look at her In Laws for the basic requirements,

Yes For Food, Clothes, Bills And What Not.

Yes She is his wife,

She has been taunted for every single slice of bread and tea they sip.

She is His Wife, Wife of a Jobless,

Jobless, but more because of his unwillingness to do work.

Somewhat sounds like a Wife of a Worthless.

She can’t Smile freely, as it require happiness.

And She is not Happy at all,

Like Every Lady she wants her Partner to do good in every aspect.

She can’t sit in the group of ladies,

Because She has everything which she can’t hide and nothing which she could show.

She can’t evolve with people,

can’t sit and stand freely at any place.

Can’t demand,

Can’t Purchase,

Can’t Even feel the need of having a Dinner at Restaurant.

She is his wife,

Being His Wife is Tough,

It came to her without her choice but yes as a fate,

Hope he Understands it,

And Works Hard to Raise her head high among many..

if not, she should find a way to deal with it.

There is no point to Diminish your own Self Respect.