On a Serious Note…

The Way these so called Kids are using  their sick  brains is not good at all, this is not acceptable, we are  already going through a very tough time,

And something like this in between is even more painful and disturbing.

I don’t know which school they go,
what they  have been taught,
what their parents are doing ,
where they stand in their life,
what they feel about the whole incident,
but this is seriously very cheap and disgraceful,why this happened ,
what are the psychological reasons involved in it we don’t know , 
but this is very shameful..

Yes I also feel that the social media platforms should have an eye on the things which are obligatory,

And should not allow individuals to post and share things which are offensive by any parameter of society.

Even if it is an abusive language, should be completely prohibited,
As everyone holds responsibility  to make a good society, so it starts with you , me and then with she and he. And so on.
I do believe that we have the need of sex education in our syllabus, it is high time now, we can’t wait to things get better, we have to bring the results with our efforts.
we have to curb the explicitness of public platform, even the advertisements are so pathetic nowadays,  we can’t even sit at the same place with family at certain times. This is so disturbing.

The content has to be blamed along with the broadcasting authorities.
And The way we are accustomed to social media, television, online studies, etc it is a very serious responsibility of the individuals who have the authority to actually check the content, language, advertisements, etc associated with it.

Moreover as a responsible citizen, one has to understand that every person should be treated with respect and dignity.
You have no right to speak or write anything which is degrading and derogatory.
Abusing, Trolling, Defaming, Blackmailing, etc on public platforms  should be  strictly prohibited by the public platforms itself .

Criminal charges should be imposed  on culprits regardless of their ages.
And this should mentioned in the disclaimers to stop cyber crimes.

Think About it.
Thank you

14 responses to “On a Serious Note…”

  1. I agree with you! This is good post! We don’t know how a single hate comment about someone might affect the other person. Kindness is social media is very important. Also, sex education is the need of the hour . Nice post 😊

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    • Thank you so much I am happy with the line ” this is good post” 🙂
      And I do agree with your feedback that social media is very important, it’s just the people are misusing it, so just having some control could make it even better. Thank you for reading

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    • Well I am so thankful to you..
      But you know what we just don’t need to think and sit we have to put the effort to make the world a better place, and I firmly believe we all are capable enough to do it, it’s just need a start , and it has start with me , you and our circle, then we can educate the same to many,
      Thank you again for reading . gave a good day

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  2. This current viral topic is not new . The difference is only that they got exposed. There are many more around.
    This group chats are becoming fun things for this generation.
    I would say that this is media effect which is effecting so badly .

    We can not blame school, parents, or anyone cause nobody teaches to develope negative thoughts but we can say that they are careless n failed in this case somewhere.
    The reason for this kind of mentality is also growing age with bad company and unneccessary freedom from guardians.

    This could be control only by keeping eye and teaching morals.
    And IT department should abolish such stupid porn sites from internet which are easily available to everyone.

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    • Agree with you up to some extent, that it is the individuals who has to be blamed more than anyone but I again feel that the upbringing , friend zone is some what plays vital role, Also excess of internet exposure at tender age is also the reason, regarding the porn sites I do believe that it should be banned, and even the content which we get as an advertisements should have a check by the broadcasting agency .
      sex education in school syllabus should be added, like I mentioned in the post., and above all this needs a psychological therapies to detoxify the dirty mindsets of the kids. This is everyone’s responsibility be it you or me. As we make society better or worst


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