To You With Love…

To You With Love,

Thank you for being there as someone who looked like a family more, being a stranger from day one,

Thank You for the lovely moments with which I could smile back again. Even if i see them as a mistaken excitement or as an unreal expectation,

I still like the answers you gave and the questions which were inherent, the answers were more easier to understand than self raised questions,

Looking something for some purpose is not good, but looking something as source of satisfaction is not bad,

Yes you have been a source,

A source to do good, and aspire good things in life,

You have been the source of fun , anger, worries, happiness and of course inspiration.

Rather say a source of liveliness

Sometimes it is not that easy to accept the outcome if it is not favouring your life ,

It’s painful and disheartening to withstand with what we Haven’t expected.

But we can’t have everything what we want in life .

Living it and Leaving it.

6 responses to “To You With Love…”

  1. It’s painful and disheartening to withstand with what we Haven’t expected.

    True but don’t you think, this is the thrilling aspect of our life?
    I believe that things we get without any expectations might be disheartening, or even painful, at times but yield good results in the long run…

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    • #positive.
      Thank You heena , for the liking and sharing your thought about it, and I do feel it has it layers to deal with, and each layer needs a different individual of our own in life, that’s wmhow it goes, and I also mentioned leaving N living.. In the end which show what I feel

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