Seriously this is shameful to be around such coward people. Stunned, Saddened , and Disturbed with the offense. why we are in the society were we are so helpless . Why we can’t stop the constant injustice, and crime happening to the women around us. Another day another girl, another rape another murder and anotherContinue reading “SHAME!”

Good Things Coming your way.

Good Things coming your way.. Keep your head high & feet steady, This is your time, Your time to smile, Yes smile with joy. You have seen enough of tough times, And it’s over now. Believe, Pray, and feel , Good Things coming your way. Good Night.

Beautiful in & out

Beautiful You’re in general, And Beautiful your smile is. Beautiful you are with your words. Beautiful you are to the one you love. Beautiful to the people you care. Beautiful to the one you feel good about. Beautiful to the society standards. But Are you Really Beautiful? As the real beauty is in the heart,Continue reading “Beautiful in & out”

Thank you WordPress.

Dear WordPress And My Lovely Fellow Bloggers, Thank you so much for being with me with all my senseless thoughts and Silly words, I appreciate everyone of you for being there with me with every single post of mine and encouraging me to do a bit better than yesterday, it is overwhelming to know thatContinue reading “Thank you WordPress.”