I never loved you.

That day with some tears , she came to him and said, I feel sorry to you for being so helpless , I am sorry, I know you love me a lot and i really don’t need any evidence as I can feel it,

but I never loved you dear ,

yes this is what the truth is, I just wanted to be their with you till my parents search someone for me to get married,

yes I never loved you, I just acted to be in love with you, I loved your company and everything you did for me ,

yes I never thought About this day, but I should have thought about it,

I am very bad I know,

but this is what the truth is,

I just wanted to get along in a busy status of relationship till my marriage as my friends were teasing me for living a life without boyfriend,

so I did all that for which I am feeling sad.. I know I played with your emotions… But I am sorry..

As I know you have been serious for me and I was just doing it for fun and showoff. I am sorry ,it is really bad and embarrassing…

And the guy was listening without believing….

With some tears and confusion.

***Don’t Play with Emotions..

***How should the guy react to it ? And what would be your reaction if you find yourself at such situation?

19 responses to “I never loved you.”

    • Thank you so much for the feedback .. Yes people do it for fun time pass showoff And dark desires.. And by doing so they just ruin the life of the individual.. It’s bad and very sad

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  1. I dont understand why boys gt so blind in love ..!! Can’t you recognise it when the girl is faking love ..??
    Why is it so necessary to gt into a relationship nowadays?? Do your thing ..!! All these things will come at the right time!!
    Invest in yourself !!

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    • Dear , I appreciate your thoughts but I don’t think one can’t be in a blind love..also it shows how good the individual (cheater) has acted.. As he made someone to believe in

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    • Someone to feel so blind believer, also it is not mentioned anywhere to have things when we want . god gives us when we want also when we don’t want..:)


        • Yeah right but this is something practical not possible.. As the person who is in a state of mad love becomes blind…as love makes you a blind believer.. But you mentioned the right point, hopefully you discover such kind of love. 🙂


  2. How should the guy react to it ? And what would be your reaction if you find yourself at such situation?

    Don’t give a damn to a person who was faking her love all the time. Your life is not so cheap to waste on such mean and useless people.. Stay happy and show the world that you can do anything you want… The world is cruel, so, be cool and calm… Move on and find someone, who genuinely loves you…

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    • Awesome very strong bold and positive.. Really like ur response.. Our life is beyond all those cheap people and we can’t destroy it for them.. Good!!

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