Bad at Response.

Good Afternoon Guys,

Today I am here with something to discuss which you may like , or may not but let’s discuss it.

Guys, we often see such people in our daily life who have the tendency of speaking more and also speaking less, and it actually varies from individual to individual as per their own choices,

But there is one other kind of people who speak relevantly good but have the tendency of showing disinterest to your talks, they will be available to you but with half of their heart, even if they are not half hearted but there traits will make you think so,

they will give smiles, as reply, they may give you one liners sometimes even one words, they make reaction with expressions, they may listen but pretends to not listen, or they will change the topic at their will, which is actually disheartening to the individual who is eagerly waiting for a respected response,

It actually makes you think that this man/woman don’t want to talk or may be not interested to talk or may have some attitude issues. Which is very much okay by their observations, as they are receiving such vibes from the other end so they may presume that,

Even I don’t want to be in a conversation where the individual is finding words on instalments, I speak with my heart and also with a reason, and want the partner to speak well, and react whenever needed, not sure how you people think about it,

But my opinion is this , and to have a healthy conversation, the two individual should have enough interest to speak and listen, one should not speak alone and vice versa.

And it has nothing to do with the choice of context or with the subject of talks, they have the tendency of speaking in that way as they prefer it, regardless of the subject of talks.

Of course I am not saying that everyone is blessed with good speaking skills or talkativeness, but it is not about the limited skills or the other, the individuals who act unavailable or who react late or selective with responses are actually Bad at listening skills and of course with the speaking skills, even with the reactive skills ,

they should learn and improve, as it is actually a graveyard for themselves, as they are actually creating barriers between their loved ones with bits and pieces of words.

Like they sound RUDE,FAKE,And ANNOYING!

And someone with really bad Etiquettes,

And no one prefers to talk with a person who has 3-4 words for every single thing you say, or may prefer to talk when it is needed the most with some sadness.

This is what I feel , Don’t know Right or wrong,

Do share your opinions if you feel so.

Thank you

30 responses to “Bad at Response.”

    • Well thanks for the comment, and i feel what you feel is okay by your way, But is that how you communicate in any one on one conversation?


  1. Well, I embraced silence after being misunderstood /getting misquoted for long. I take time to understand people before opening up. It may sound annoying but sometimes silence is peaceful.

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    • You answered well, but you said after being misunderstood, so the mistake was not yours ,it was the fault from the other side, but being available as a robot with limited commands you are in the fault side, everyone is not opened with anyone but after a point they become comfortable, they answer and they also ask questions, this how it has to be,
      There is no point of skipping drives with few falls,
      Think about it, yes silence is powerful, but being selective and availably unavailable is not good!!

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  2. Oh! My bad😁.. I totally missed the term ‘loved ones’ in the post.. Which indicates closeness for sure, then everything goes over to the understanding… Sometimes people are tired, worn out or distracted with a change, they simply need to be understood not talked or heard..sorry! I went on to some other trajectory😊

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    • Yeah it seemed so, to me, but it is fine, it has been nice conversation I liked your take on it, and if it sometimes then it is OK and understandable but if how they are then it is good to either teach them or stay at some distance so that they may learn !!


  3. While I agree with you mostly, there are some people who just don’t feel comfortable with their opinions or conversing. It’s not that they don’t want to but they lack the confidence in their thoughts. I guess what I’m saying is, it comes down to intention. Those people you are angry just seem disinterested. In that case, why even bother talking to them?

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    • Actually you are right, I think they may not have confidence, but then also you can’t be rude with your instinctive expression, you have to say hi for hello , you can’t just listen !! And its not o about me being worried about it, its about how they could learn and behave actively,!! Thank you for the feedback I like your take on it.

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  4. We meet different people in various phases of life, so it’s up to us to whom we allow to affect our lives in a positive way or negative way. Personally I feel we learn from each kind of conversation!

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    • Yeah we learn, you said it right, we learn about the mindsets, nature and the things which we should do and don’t, so it is not about we being effected or not, its about how we could make sure that people don’t feel or say the same about us.
      Thank you so much for your opinion, I liked it. πŸ™‚

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  5. I believe, the success of a conversation depends on the type of people involved in it (introvert, ambivert or extrovert).. Mood, situation, availability of words and sometimes, personal issues also affect the conversation…

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    • Well I do feel that things you mentioned is important for a healthy conversation ,but I do feel one should be clear with the instincts, no matter whatever you are in general, you should not be the one who takes time and say yes no all right in reply.

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  6. Listening is a skill. I force myself to be quiet and I listen. Old Grandfather saying. Listen, think and speak, if you have something worthwhile to share. I liked your thoughts and words written.

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  7. I’ve met people who dominate conversations and struggle to let others speak, and also people who say very little words. To me it’s about balance and showing interest. I agree with you and think it’s important people work on their skills so they can be better at communicating. But it take time.

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    • Yes even I met those who have the tendency of not allowing others to speak, and those who just listen and don’t speak, but those who say with OK yes no fine kind of words are hard to handle, as you feel apologetic to them for being in a conversation to which they were not interested, they have that issue or they feel it is a style I don’t know, but it is disheartening. Thank you for the feedback. I am glad you liked it hope you like More of my work.

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  8. I used to find it a bit rude earlier when people didn’t reacted to the things w/ same energy & excitement as I do .. but now I think its the way they are !! And they are just different from me … it doesn’t mean that they are wrong … its just that we are not same .!! And its okayy!! πŸ’œ

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    • Yeah, you have point they are not same abs of course there way is not the same, and we have to accept it after sometime ,and find ways to reciprocate our issues, but yes they hurt by being what they are.

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