This is Good!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well I am still not sure but as per the stats, this is my 100th post, I don’t know how to react,

but yes I have been unsure about my interest for writing,

But it feels good to be at 100 literally, like I scored 100 Runs,


I would like to share that I have surpassed 50posts on The Roasted chicken .

the current Tally is 55, and 2019 especially July as been the recording breaking month for my all time hits,likes and views on both the sites.

So, My total tally of posts including both sites is 155Now.

And, I wrote more than 55posts this month on my sites respectively.

So I am actually happy with the Presence of mine, I haven’t been so often active on WordPress due to my unavailability and other commitments but now I started writing more than I ever did. And happy with it.

I would like to thank all of you for every single view like and comment. Hopefully I could double my stats soon.

I need all the love and blessings from everyone of you to enhance my writing ability and to continue the Blogging.

Thank you all for being with me throughout the distance hope we all could go further And make wonders.

Thank you Again!

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