You Are Beautiful.

You like The Roses, Right !

I like the color called blue a lot,

yes all the shades of blue,

What about The Roses in Blue color !

Layer by layer,

The petals of Roses in Blue color.

With some drops of dew over it,

Which would add the glittering effect.

You like wearing shorts more,

As you love your legs,

Yes long sexy legs,

And I like short hair ,

Colored short hair more, As world is beyond monochrome,

What about you being in your favourite shorts,

With the sexy long legs,

And the colored short hair,

Around the shoulder height,

And the slightly soothing smooth breeze,

Adding the visual treat .

Visualizing the scene more and more

And Feeling good about it,

To see you in the colored hair with a Blue Rose,

Also wearing the shorts

And showing your sexy legs.

With a token in my hand to give you

With a note written

“You are Beautiful”

16 responses to “You Are Beautiful.”

  1. The visualization is really strikingly beautiful. All the bold colours you know -Red and blue..sparkling dew drops… I found the the combination of the boldness of colours and sharpness of dewy sparkles over the soft petals of rose so beautiful.😍 Same goes for the personality of the girl you depicted.

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    • Yeah thank you for the feedback on the post and pic, I am happy that u felt so, we all visualize beautiful things sometimes, yeah red and blue are the contrasting colors.
      Blue is something more of mine. So that’s how it came, and the girl was also there as beautiful as it should be with some good attributes, so it became easy to plot it in paper.

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