Stories and many more!

Ok , so years ago I was too young and considerably a kid, (I am still a kid but not as per physical appearance πŸ™‚ )

So I was a kid about 4 – 5 years and my family took me to school for the very first time , which was more like having new pair of shoes a good school bag few new friends and of course a delicious tiffin box daily for me, in short I was like any other kid not aware of that why I am going to school and all,

so I still remember the very first day of my school, I did everything like a good boy, like well mannered etc ,

my father used to have a moped called kinetic Luna by then,which he still have of course in working condition,

So, I stood in the front of Luna with my choice as I like, winds & hair flyings passing by and my brother was sitting on the back side.

We both have been always in the same class as he was forced to leave his school by my parents and attend my school as I have been the most pampered kid, so he restarted his schooling with me from KG-1 level from a reputed school of the town,

Though we never looked same but few thought we were twins ,but we were not.

So , we three were going it was about 2- 3kms from my house, I was very happy as I was crazy for a bike ride at that age.

Then, The school came, and I was asked to enter the school my brother gone towards the gate and I was still not interested to go,

I said I won’t go my father took me towards the gate and I just refused and did every possible thing like crying and running which may have been like shameful for my dad as all the kids and the parents were looking at him,

he was really embarrassed with that, he tried everything but failed!

suddenly I looked at the shop next to the school and was looking at a cake in the jar, which could be Of 2 – 5 Rs maximum.

my father saw that bought it for me And my brother, I took that and never gave it to my brother, i entered the gate of my school and in the first period itself I ate my tiffin and of course the cake,

and this is how it has been for years. I entered the school like I never had an issue of going , we need something to eat whenever we have been asked to study or to go school isn’t it?

I am still thankful to the shopkeeper who was there and for having that cake.

As it has made my dad’s life easier by then. And even I started going to school regularly as I had friends later,

And I still remember that I used to eat my friends tiffin without sharing them at all πŸ˜€ .

This is how it has been for the next few years of schooling till I was pressurized for homework.

Thank you.

OK so let me know should I continue such tales of my life or not.

And yes I shared the same story of my life in the farewell speech of my school, which was appreciated by every other teacher and friends of mine.

Yesterday kids were going to school in front of my house, some were crying and some were eating like they don’t care what will happen at school, so I recollected everything of my life from that portion.

Hope you guys liked it.

Good Day.

14 thoughts on “Stories and many more!

  1. 😁.. Memories of the golden days …what would one not give to relive those days… My Cousin used to be so stubborn and he cried at the time he had to go to school . all the similer stuff kids do ..but there was one thing he used to do differently from other kids. He used to bawl so hard and say he was missing his papa and not his mom like other kids usually say ..”Mujhe Papa ki yaad aa rahi hai”(😭😭😭) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…

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    • Well I am feeling good that people appreciate it , more than that i feel more than Happy when they share their memories with me like you did. Thank you so much dear Maya, for being so connective to me, yes you cousin is different but I saw few such kind of kids, who have been like him. Papa’s kid!
      And also would be happy if you could share your memories with me here. Thank you so much

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      • πŸ€—πŸ€— I am glad you felt so. And about sharing my memories .. I think i should start another blogsite for such things ….I think i like the idea. πŸ™„ But wouldn’t it be idea-thievery if I kind of copied your idea of sharing memoriesπŸ€”… If it would be .pls dont send me any copyrigt strikes πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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  2. I also remember my friend who would’nt enter school without eating a packet of kurkure everyday πŸ˜‚
    Simple, Beautiful memories are the ones that touch everyone’s heart more than complicated stories.
    Plese keep the sweet stories coming bro πŸ‘
    By the way, a new subscriber here πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

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    • Thank you, so much for the genuine feedback, yes simple things stays long, kurkure came later to us, so it was not there during the initial days of 90s kids.
      Yeah I would love to write about my such childhood stories, in the upcoming days. Thank you for the like follow and comment, hope you find more interesting content here ,subscription feels you worthy. πŸ™‚ thank you.


    • Well, thank you so much garima I am happy with the response, yes we all have such fond memories, I Amy have quite more than any as I have been very stubborn and naughty,
      Hopefully you find more such likeable content here. Thabk you for the time.

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          • O yes ! I would like to write about these when my age would around 50s so it would good to remind the young age, the part of life we love now will become stories at that time. Like what the case of childhood, we never planned it happened and now it looks so fascinating.


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