Both are important.

Well most of my friends are unhappy with me, They find me Annoying, They call me everything what they hate, They say I am unavailable being available to them, They say you can’t be like this to us, I try to convince them,but they don’t listen, They are Right in their ways, I have toContinue reading “Both are important.”

Me Versus mE

I’m fighting within me. My Mind And Heart is Dealing with Duality, The Writer, And An Engineer, Both are Right and Both are Mine Both Sleeps with me, And Wake with me as well, Both Fights Within Me. Both Dominate The Other. Both put my in trouble. As I don’t know which way to Go.Continue reading “Me Versus mE”

Die with a smile

Yes I am breathing, My Portion of Oxygen is Bad Its Poisonous, Enriched with impurities, I don’t want to Inhale it. I would prefer to Die. My Blood is not Red , It looks like Violet in color, I don’t bleed at all Even if I cut my hand with a knife. It makes meContinue reading “Die with a smile”

You Are Beautiful.

You like The Roses, Right ! I like the color called blue a lot, yes all the shades of blue, What about The Roses in Blue color ! Layer by layer, The petals of Roses in Blue color. With some drops of dew over it, Which would add the glittering effect. You like wearing shortsContinue reading “You Are Beautiful.”

Stories and many more : II

Hello Again, Well I would like to say that I am very happy with the response from the previous post of mine from the same segment which encouraged me to come up with the second post of such kind from my real life. Hoping seriously that you guys would shatter the same kind of loveContinue reading “Stories and many more : II”

Loving Ghost

Yes he kissed her as she sleeps next to him every night, And in the morning he takes his breakfast with her. As she loves to cook for him and watch him eating, He make few cups of coffee which they enjoy with a kiss . She comes and goes, she is not scary butContinue reading “Loving Ghost”

Stories and many more!

Ok , so years ago I was too young and considerably a kid, (I am still a kid but not as per physical appearance 🙂 ) So I was a kid about 4 – 5 years and my family took me to school for the very first time , which was more like having newContinue reading “Stories and many more!”

I will meet you there ( Linked)

Hey hello everyone , hope you all are fine and fabulous . Just shared a link of my blog post from my another blog site, titled as “I will meet you there” which I really liked and it has been one of my favorite posts, hope you guys like it as well, Look I stillContinue reading “I will meet you there ( Linked)”


After 2 years of her marriage , Pia came back to India to stay with her family, so many of her friends came to meet her, they asked her many random questions about her and husband, like, how is your marriage,? You both are happy ? How you have been these days etc. she saidContinue reading “Virgin…”

Thank you Mr. Sharma

Just saw you there for the very first time at the coffee shop behind my office. you have been playing & posing with the bunch of flowers .And waiting eagerly for your cup of coffee.I was there with a Client for a business meeting,But I hardly heard a word of him,As I was watching youContinue reading “Thank you Mr. Sharma”

What A Match !

Guys , I would be lying if I would say I watched a better match than that, Drama at it’s very best, everything was so close yet so far, may be the best match of my life so far. England .. the new world champions!! But New Zealand would be still thinking why and howContinue reading “What A Match !”

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy! Hello every one, Good morning Yes today is my Dad’s Birthday, and I wish him everything what he deserves, with good health and Harmony and just sharing this day with everyone over here. My Dad is very hardworking man, he has been very fun loving and a soul who believes doing whatContinue reading “Happy Birthday Daddy”

Love Scoops… The Romantic Tale

They both were watching a movie and it was around 2am, everyone except them were sleeping, it was a good regional movie which they were watching, and suddenly she realized that no one is awake, she whispered with a touch on his feet, ” hey, all are sleeping except us” ! He turned every whereContinue reading “Love Scoops… The Romantic Tale”

Who will be the first?

Well who would be the first? Yes this is what we see in today’s kind of love. People just wait and wait for others to come first and approach for their love. Even though they know what and where they are wrong but they feel going first and speaking would diminish their so called self-respect.Continue reading “Who will be the first?”

The Untitled love…

You know what, one day when you will sit and recall about it , you will be unhappy with your self, as you will see yourself as coward, as you never tried it for yourself and for the sake of your love. You always waited for some miracle to occur,which is not at all acceptable,Continue reading “The Untitled love…”

The Last Love Letter… (Linked)

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love her!

I want that Tight Hug from you.. Just a Gentle Push towards the wall, And Hold me Hard, Yes, Harder than an air lock, I have been waiting for you with all my heavy breathes.. Yes I am sick , & Uncomfortable, the doctor advised to sleep and sleep for at least a week, LookContinue reading “love her!”

Love you even more…

Hey Girl , I love you even more, and more, When you are angry, I just love that face, That face with a Red tint all over, Pointed nose, sharper then the normal Still eyes, with questions more than a kid Sometimes folded lips, (internally) With the shrinks of eye brows, quite animated Love youContinue reading “Love you even more…”

Queen by heart…

She came with so many Dreams, She explored all the Horizons, She created magic everywhere she looked, She is kind, And also beautiful, She is not a queen by birth, Not even a magician with her tricks, She is an ordinary girl with all the ingredients of Queen, Who creates illusion with her charm, TrulyContinue reading “Queen by heart…”