It was around 2 am , he reached his home, which was at 4th floor of the famous apartment in that city.

He was extremely tired with the stress and strain of the day, as finding job is more tougher than doing the job,

some how he managed to change the formal wears with shorts and took his sleep.

he was an aspiring actor who was searching opportunities.

But yet to get a call for acting,It has been 3months of joblessness.

So he was frustrated in a way, but he was there to prove the people wrong who discarded him and his talent in the auditions he gave so far.

So, the next morning he woke up with the same fighting spirit and gone for many more offices for auditions,

And again no one even looked at his portfolio and rejected him,

Now , it was around 3pm, he was about to feel sad and hungry at the same time, he received a call from a reputed ad agency, he ran and reached the agency with some nervousness ,he was asked to sit, then he was about to face the owner,

But she lefts the place.

He was stated by the manager that he has to do AD of some detergent, he was ready with the incoming and accepted it,

Next Day, he reached the place and he saw the other side of acting world,

he saw that there are many guys and girls are being asked for audience for the same AD in which he was already part, he was confused that why this audition is going on,

before he could now he came to know that they are doing it as preventive method, as they may replace him if he does not do good

Some how he managed to impress and did a good job, now in the same set he met the owner,

she is beautiful with some temper issues he observed, she cleared his amount for the ad and asked him to meet again in the evening by sharing her card.

He agreed and left.

In the evening he called the no. Printed on the card,

She didn’t lift and dropped a message in which she shared her address of farm house .

He manages to go there. It is 7pm now

He again calls. This time her phone is in a silent mode. Some how he enter the house.

He could hardly find the purpose of calling him there.

Then he enters , he is still not sure what’s going on.

And suddenly he finds a weird thing of being locked from outside. He is scared now, who is there ? He shouts.

She smiles and says relax , and in between this she offers him some drink and it was not tea or coffee .

he says madam I am OK may I know what’s the reason to call me here. Is there any big project,

she says yeah. It is bigger than you thought,

As You have to impress me, or Should i say satisfy me! By sitting over a couch in a navy blue dress with some alcoholic eyes and unconditioned hair falling over her shoulder she says..

He is shocked now. And says excuse me! What?

She smiles again and asks him to come closer,

And says look, I am searching fun and you are searching success,

so should I say that you are the next star of the country. But for becoming the star you have to go with what I prefer for you.

Look I know that you are from a small town and these things are new , but you may have seen the amount of aspirants near my office and you may be in a confusion that how and why you have been selected. And I hope you are by now quite clear with your doubts.

And Pulls him towards her with showing some of her visible body parts,

I saw your photographs in the portfolio and I decided that you will be in the ad, now I want you to be in the next project but for that you have to impress me in every prospect.

I know you are good at work as you are very hardworking as told by the director ,

Let me check whether you are equally good at other works or not she whispered.

He replied I am good enough to earn money I think I don’t need to do this or that to become a star so thank you I am happy with it. I would like to go now, let the doors get open. He removes her hand over his neck.

She smiled and says ,

you know what the small town people are so poor they can’t take life smoothly, I am beautiful rich and also successful and u need opportunity which only I can provide but you are saying no to me. Do you know how fool you are ! Again she snatches few buttons of his shirt and pulls him towards her.

He says yes I am fool , and happy with it and I don’t want to become star as well.. You are beautiful and also i need opportunity but it does not mean that I would do something which is not good ,

I am not here for sale. Let me go! He slaps her and firmly looks her with anger,

He Breaks the door and left the place. But she was not happy with what happened. As she had other ideas for him, and felt like rejected.

Next Day,

He was saddened now with the side effects of his dream and decides to leave the city. But in between the rush he has been called from another production house , they were seeking some one who is new and talented and found him as the perfect choice through his previous audience.

Six Months Later,

He is the star by his own merit without any comprises.

And finds the same lady in every other business parties and looks her like he saw nothing.

And one bad day he came to know that the lady has been killed at her own farm house from one of her longtime victim.

Good Day!

8 responses to “S H A D E S”

  1. oh god… We say only girls in the film industry feels the harassment ! Cases like these r totally speaking out the truth ! Is it real or just fiction? By the good usage of words 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know what, I am actually happy that you took time to post a feedback/comment ,and I am glad that u liked it as well.
      Worlds is evolved with good and bad same is there as well I.e good boys bad boys, and good girls ,bad girls. I thought few of my followers will not like it as the may think that this is against woman, but this is what the truth is, bad woman also exists like bad man,
      Yes harassment is there from both ways. This is truth but of course the post is fictional 🙂
      Could you elaborate hat part if usage of words which u liked?
      Anyways thanks a lot… Hope you like other posts as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “He was extremely tired with the stress and strain of the day, as finding job is more tougher than doing the job” this line? Very simple , neat and makes ur work elegant . Haha I am not a writer yaar that my opinion would really matter …but , when I read , I try seeing how other bloggers r using the words and how r they framing sentences so that I can improve myself .

    Well yes , I agree with u ! And don’t think that what would ppl think about u ! I know there r some girls or women , who easily get offended when something is said about these sensitive topics , but then again what U wrote ,
    1st of all – It is the truth ! So u should not be afraid of sharing it !
    2ly- These r ur own thoughts , so u should for sure publish it , cause It’s ur Blog !!! 🙂
    and I am not one among those who would judge u … so it’s great ! 😉

    I am really happy , for reading ur content ! 🙂 I wanted to come to ur blog long back..but some or the other reason , it really never happened . Sorry for that .

    Keep writing ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Also I am glad that you have been very accurate v all learn when we see and adapt. So it is good and every opinion does matters to me. I am also not a writer or blogger.. I just write the content which is in my heart. And happy that so far people liked it. 🙂
      Don’t be sorry..
      But stopped you by then may I know?/and about which long time u r talking about ..what was d reason.?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yah u should keep writing the same way.
    No actually I was telling that , I wanted to come to ur blog several times..but somewhere or the other I would get busy so … I was not able to read ur posts ..that’s it !

    Liked by 1 person

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