Hello people hope you all are doing good .

okay so finally it happened though it could not bring the girl back..

but at least her soul will feel good that her murders and the rapists are being sentenced for lifetime imprisonment, and respective punishments by the Indian Court.

I don’t know why they were not given the death sentence as I find it is not a crime for which you can have an imprisonment, this needed more tough decisions, as they were so harsh on a girl who was there to live the life with smile . they did every wrong thing to her which was was not at all acceptable only the people with evil mindset can do such cruel offence,

As we can find the charge sheet prepared by the cops who investigated, one of my fellow blogger as explained the entire offence in the blog, https://wp.me/p7FFpK-4a , and it is really shocking to read what the girl has gone through,

but I think we all need to accept what the court has decided for them,

2018 was the year, when it happened and I was the one who really saddened with the news.. I couldn’t control myself to stand for her ,besides the fact that few were trying to make it a political agenda..I wrote a post on my blog ‘This is not acceptable’ in which tried to put my views about the cruelness and the wrong way of furnishing it by some people – https://rprakashrao.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/this-is-not-acceJustice

And i am here with her now again, with decision she may like if she could know somehow,

But as everything came in her way though she is not here,but her parents will be feeling good about it as I am feeling for who just tried to make people feel her,

But the responsibility is bigger now, do we want more such offence? Or we can control and chop it from here on,

if I am the one who has to look at it I would bring out a strong law of live death sentence in front of public without any lifetime imprisonment sentences, as it would set the example to the individuals who have such mindsets, and would think twice before proceeding,

Also I urge the Govt. Of India to be more cautious towards women empowerment and women safety, as it is as important as any other thing is…we can’t blame anyone after the damage has done, I think we need to accept the administrational mistakes and rectify it,

Also we all need to step up and understand our roles we are the ones who are representing society, so we should be thinking of diminishing garbage around us, yes I feel that kind of people are garbage..

I hope their family members are feeling some sort of satisfaction as I am feeling yes it won’t bring their daughter back..

And nothing can bring her back to them but atleast the people are not breathing with ease is what satisfying,

Something is better than nothing..


Thank you

26 responses to “Justice”

  1. Those people are sure garbage. Infact, any bad word is less for them. It is correct that our system needs to be more strict for such delicate issues. We can’t even imagine what she had suffered. It is only the citizens who can change the current condition.
    Thank you for such a heart touching write. We need to raise our voice!

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    • Yes we need to bring out all the small and big change to cope up and solve this issue before of it’s occurrence rather than feeling sad for the victims after the offence.
      Thank you for the comment, I am glad you liked it .
      Yes we need to be more strong and firm.

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      • I loved it! It is a very serious topic to work on. I agree! Just feeling bad for the victims will not change anything. We should keep that rage in ourselves!

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        • Yes… That’s what is the need..
          We need to make our girls aware about the good touch and bad touch of the individuals, we need to make sure that we make the strong and fit..
          Above all we all need to think that we are humans before we do such kind of offence.. Because something in the mind has to be changed.. No matter how it comes whether by educating or by punishing..

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  2. Well.. No need of any Thanksgiving… As it is nothing than a duty to me.. I would love to do every bit of what i can for the betterment of the society..
    I will use my blog and put my views wherever and whenever I find a need..and urge my fellow bloggers and followers to the same.. So that it would reach to many more people.

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    • I agree! It’s the mindset of people which matters. But people are not bothering about these topics.
      She is not alone. Infact anyone who is facing these terrible situations. We should try our best to solve them.
      It is not only yours, but the duty of all of us to take part in creating a better society.
      Was a great talk! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Yes you are right… Kanisha..
        I feel the same.. We all have to be there to get rid of this ..to make it better for the younger generation.. And to make our girls feel safe and secured..
        Yes I feel the same.. It has been a thoughtful conversation with you…really like the way you have been putting your views and feeling the need of some reforms

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