That one friend!

we all need that one friend for life, who laughs at our lame jokes, who cry with us at our tough times who stands with you when the world is apart, we all need that one friend for life, who fights for us without a care who is happy with our happiness And sad withContinue reading “That one friend!”

Sleep Again ! – An Erotic Poem

I want to sleep again, as you disturbed me in between, yes you rang , you stupid alarm, we were at the peak of our love, yes you rang , you stupid alarm. let me tell you what the dream was, I can remember that it was very dark and he hugged me tight, weContinue reading “Sleep Again ! – An Erotic Poem”

The Right Girl !

Just Not the Right Girl for you! As I smoke & Drink sometimes , and you don’t, Just not the Right Girl for you , As I Don’t Pray much, Just not the Right Girl for you ,As I laugh Louder than any other girl, Just Not the Right Girl , as I wear SomeContinue reading “The Right Girl !”

WordPress needs some WORDS & PRESS!

Hey, hello everyone , hope you all are nice and fine there. Today I am not here with any such content in which you may have difference of opinions, I am here to put some views of mine for the betterment , Rather say enhancement of WordPress . which may you all like and feelContinue reading “WordPress needs some WORDS & PRESS!”

The Orange Lipstick

Another Day, and it is another wedding of a dear friend, at some distance from my home town , we took over basics and decided to reach the wedding place by a day before, Our rooms were near to the rooms of girls from the other side , everyone was trying their bit to seeContinue reading “The Orange Lipstick”


It was around 2 am , he reached his home, which was at 4th floor of the famous apartment in that city. He was extremely tired with the stress and strain of the day, as finding job is more tougher than doing the job, some how he managed to change the formal wears with shortsContinue reading “S H A D E S”

They are actors…

Do you know how it feels, When you enter a place where everyone is an actor, They all are acting in their own way , And you find that some play is going around you Around you, near your surroundings some kind of play is going on, In which you don’t know the act ofContinue reading “They are actors…”


Hello people hope you all are doing good . okay so finally it happened though it could not bring the girl back.. but at least her soul will feel good that her murders and the rapists are being sentenced for lifetime imprisonment, and respective punishments by the Indian Court. I don’t know why they wereContinue reading “Justice”

The Obsession…

Observing the obsession by searching the same eye contacts everywhere I go.. Observing the obsession by every similar fragrance I smell… Observing the obsession when I accidentally turn back to look the same tiny little girl with a mild makeup like you.. Observing the obsession when I stare any girl wearing that light pink salwarContinue reading “The Obsession…”