Help Odisha

Help Odisha…

They Need You!!!

Let’s show some Humanity….

They have faced a very tragic cyclone… #FANI

They need us to get their life back on track.

Thank you

12 responses to “Help Odisha”

  1. Thank you so much… for your kind concern! I have observed many people with cheap mentality. Our youth is busy in apps Tiktok, Like, Vigo. Its ok to use them, but as a citizen of a country and humanity. They must pay attention atleast. Thank @RPR.

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    • Yes they have recovered Indian govt. Has been very active that time they have done all the necessary methods to diminish the effects of the disaster, also people have been evacuated from their areas, but no one can fight with nature besides all this remedies and homework they have been in tremendous trouble.. For more then a month the people were seeking normalization in their life.
      Your welcome. I did my job that’s it

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