Dekho Udhar Pyar Hai

Dekho Udhar Pyar Hai..

Zara thhaam lo use..

Dekho Udhar Pyar Hai..

Utni toh nahi magar utni toh h jitni tumhe jarurat hai..

Dekho Udhar Pyar Hai..

Shyad usko tumhara intzaar hai…

Kuch halki hansi liye hue wo whaa hai..

Wahi se tumhe nihar rha hai..

Dekho Udhar Pyar hai.

Paa lo Usse.. Lelo usse

Shyad tumhe bhi jarurat hai..shyad usse bhi hai jarurat..

Apna lo.. Chodo ye jhijak..

Pyar hai.. Dekho Udhar

Dekho Udhar pyar hai..

The Blame Games

This is about the modern day habit of people.. We often see it in the case of two leaders, two lovers, two countries etc , we know how sad it is that whatever is the truth between the respective people has been either chopped , or manipulated.
I feel it is a moral responsibility of the people to put the right things forward whether by doing so one is exposed as a culprit.
But if they keep on blaming each other it becomes slightly tough for the people around them to judge about it, as both cannot be culprit and both cannot be the victim at the same time.
In my view the culprit himself/herself knows about their individuality that they are not right, but all want to be in the safer side , all wants to pretend like a victim.. All want to show the world that they are right and the world is wrong..
The culprit should be brave enough to accept their mistake and they should tell the world about it , they should not be living with a mask over their face..
I urge everyone who is reading this post, just stop this blame game.. It would take some courage out of you to put the right things regardless of the fact that you me be not politically right, but an individual who is a victim genuinely, who has not done any sin to get blamed or defamed will breathe easy..
Stop this now!!
In a way it gives the culprit a chance to diminish the outcome of the wrong deeds up to some extent..
We all live in a world with many kind of people , some do the offence and stay quite so that other could pay for his offence, and some face it by acceptance, so that no one else get bothered..
There is no shame in accepting your mistakes , just stop denying it, accept it , don’t hide.. No more blames on the one who is innocent.
Shame on those blame others or those who just stay quite being the culprit one..
This is a crime and very much unkind.
You cannot be right by being wrong..
As if they are so conscious about their image then why do they do something which is not ethically good…
And if they have committed that mistake they should be brave enough to accept it and face the consequences of it,rather then blaming others..
They should have the courage to say that yes I did this… I am the one who is responsible for this… Or I am the one who made this mistake not anyone else.. Instead of manipulations..
No More Blame Games.
Don’t get biased don’t get judgemental..
We should stay strong towards the one who is a victim regardless of the gender,caste, financial status..this is our responsibility.
Thank You

Love on Road…. A Fictional Love Story

It was quite humid there in the evening….

And he was tired with the extended travel. But he could only get some rest if he would reach the desired destination.

He was quite tall by appearance with some good looks to get a stare.. Even in the noon with some stubble around his cheeks , wearing a white shirt, black goggle and a tight blue colored denim, with a travel bag on his shoulder

He was waiting for some public Transport but what he could see is the limited availability of it over there.

Ah.. He don’t know anyone there and he can’t call anyone from the destination to pick up.

But he was waiting with a hope and faith on Almighty for more than an hour. And it actually proved worthy .

He saw an auto , with a beautiful lady in red saree in it, with some beautiful eyes ,sparkling like stars.. And decorated with some heavy gold ornaments near her neck ..

He sat next to her with a mere distance for decency. But they had their eye contacts which involved some spicy chemistry …

And then they went towards their respective destination in the common route,

In the next stoppage he has to arrange the sitting with 4 more ladies but no one was actually as beautiful as the first one.

And he was happily placed in between the group of ladies and a girl.

The road was quite bad in condition, as everyone was falling one over another and the guy was not happy with it as few were falling over him and he in result fell over the lady in red saree as she was in the corner. And she was looking with some angry eyes to feel bad.

But she also fell over him, which made her understand the scenario, it was very dark in the road with no lights at all ,and the auto was going at good speed with some jerks and brakes ,

Then he asked the driver about the time of reach to the destination and got reply of two more hour. He was like “Two more hours! ”

Then the lady in red saree whispered are you from outside?

He said yes , and I don’t know about the place , it is very dark and I don’t have a charged phone I have been traveling from yesterday and still not reached there.

She said I will guide you and then she spoke about her self and asked about him precisely,

and he was liking it, and she was also enjoying his company, she shared her travel reason, kids,husband’s job etc and by then he could understand that she is quite a nice woman.

Another brake came in between and he fell over her with touch over her forehand and she smiled and said the road is nice are you not liking it?

He said yes the best route of my life so far!

And again she whispered something fishy and he couldn’t listen and he asked her what I can’t hear you by inching next to her mouth !! as it was quite noisy there,

she smiled and said nothing in a whispered manner.

She asked him about the purpose of visit and he replied that ” for an interview “

she said you can’t work here as you are from outside you may not like the discomfort of here, he said I can if they pay good she smiled again,

She said you can come to my village as you said you don’t know the location and it is very dark and the area is more than dangerous for unknown person,

he said is it scary? And How I could come over there and where I would stay?

She said don’t worry , don’t think much you may join us I will share the problem to my husband he would not say no to your staying. I will manage it.

He was like thank you so much.

By then it was evident to everyone in the auto that something is nice in the conversation as they were listening about what they talk. And enjoying such tuning of unknowns.

Now, she thought to talk with the old lady next to him as she was quite known to her she asked about where she went and her purpose of travel.

And in between this she pressed his little finger of right leg in the darkness..with her left leg’s palm..

and he did the same in return , for some minutes.

she took her leg away.

And he put his head down to check whether he pressed the same leg.

She smiled on her own and purposely rubbed her shoulder with him , he liked her instincts and he didn’t removed his shoulder and touched her hand,

she also liked it and touched his hand and holded it tightly.

Her eyes were bigger now, and filled with notions ,she was happily enjoying his style of love scoops.. and She may have kissed him but she could not as there were many in the auto.

They both looked other side of each other with holding hands, for while.

And after sometime they started looking at each other with some extended eye contacts, and smiles over the faces, with some awkward touchdowns.

They spoke about their families and he came to know that her husband is very older than her and she is not living a happy life and so was seeking happiness in him.

And in between this his stoppage came and he has to go now with a lot of pain…

he smiled with helplessness

she smiled with the folded lips and they said nothing to each other

Auto driver asked him some change she gave it on his behalf.. he said how could I Return it ? she said no need of doing it.

It was around 8.

Then the auto started and she moved forward and he winked his eyes with plenty of smile and sadness…

he turned again and again but he could not see anything as it was very dark there in the night…

So he walked towards the destination in that dark night.

***Not The End***

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