Say No To Suffocation!

Good Morning Bloggers, I have some heat within my heart so just thought to pen down it.

You don’t need to do something which is not giving you the comfortness, either it is your work or a relation. The more you bend the more they will bend you.

Even the rubber has some limit of deformation, after that it breaks, we are humans, we also have that stretching limit but we need to find out the breaking limit so that it does not get too late.

What if they don’t like by saying NO or STOP to them? At least it will satisfy yourself that you haven’t been a puppet.

It may look bad to some,and some may feel you have a radical attitude. But it does not mean that what they feel or think is right. You have your limitations and you know it better , sometimes saying No is necessary. As you may get dragged into a shallow space where you find yourself suffering from Suffocation.

It is good to stretch your limits and perform the best of what you can , it is good to be the GoTo Man , and someone’s yes man but it has a certain boundary.

Everything is beautiful when it is under some dignified layer, if you feel that it is crossing that layer then there is no point of whatever you do,

you can’t loose your individuality for anyone , you need not be feel like a puppet just for being good to him. You are the boss of your life no one can decide anything about you,

if you have done your work with complete dedication you just need to fold your hands and leave the rest to god. It will convey your approach to fruitful result.

You really don’t need any certification from anyone for your work. You are the performer ,you are the Judge.

Teach them are nothe right way if they need it.

Unfolding to your expectations is good but it is not necessary to dig the entire well to prove your mettle.

Sometimes it is necessary to take stand and say STOP so that it would not reach the level slavery.

Say no to this suffocation.

If you know you are right then go with your emotions need to hold back.

Just because that someone’s is having some years of experience or some off colored hair it is not necessary that he/she is right in every prospect.

Also if you don’t feel that you are not that good at some specific work it is important to say No I Can’t! . There is no shame in accepting your limitations ,it is a way of being realistic.

Everyone has some limits.

A plumber can’t become a doctor and vice versa. If the plumber accepts the challenge and does some surgery you may see some valve/knob inside the abdomen.

So, you don’t need to say yes I can/ will every time and feel suffocated during the proceedings and after the result.

Just be genuine to your work and the efforts.

You are human being who is having limitations.

And there is no shame in accepting it.

This is about my ideology and I strictly believe in this , and i would not care if anyone have any disagreement with it.

14 responses to “Say No To Suffocation!”

  1. Each and every word is so relatable.. I donno why people think that saying “NO” to a friend or mate is a sin. They are too good for the society that they hurt themselves but never realize the underlying fault and pain…
    Anyways, it was an inspiring one….

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  2. “Everything is beautiful when it is under some dignified layer, if you feel that it is crossing that layer then there is no point of whatever you do”

    From today I put those words down on a piece of paper, and I will bring that paper in my jeanspocket, wherever I go.


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    • All I want to say is thank you..for such lovely comment,may b the best so far, I appreciate that and it would help me to enhance my work. Yes it is satisfying to know that you want have a paper with u of my words… Hopefully i could continue to d good work.
      Thank you

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      • Thank you so much. And I thank you, you helped me to keep on walking in a direction I just started to walk. So yes, carry your words in my pocket. Keep on writing, your words are so important. A lot of greetings from Sweden.

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        • Yes I will for sure.. Would try my best to match up the demands and expectations. Happy to know that u have already selected the path of dignity and self respect… Keep walking … And don’t feel the need of answering anyone apart from you. I accept all the greetings and share the same to you from India.

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