Confusion or Laziness?

Good Noon People, Well I am in a state of confusion, or I am actually delaying it because of my laziness I don’t know, but seriously would like to know your suggestions or clarity about the situation. And the situation is so silly that you may laugh on me. OK let me reveal what itContinue reading “Confusion or Laziness?”

Say No To Suffocation!

Good Morning Bloggers, I have some heat within my heart so just thought to pen down it. You don’t need to do something which is not giving you the comfortness, either it is your work or a relation. The more you bend the more they will bend you. Even the rubber has some limit ofContinue reading “Say No To Suffocation!”

Love Harder!

Love Harder, Love beyond the limits. Love unconditionally. Love Harder than yesterday. Love Harder than he/she expected. Love Harder than anyone. Love harder so that they always have a smile. Love harder than your partner loves . Love harder to discard all the worries. Love Harder to withstand by them forever. You Know what, itsContinue reading “Love Harder!”