Another Lazy Sunday!

It’s 12…in the day and I am still laying on my bed..with a blanket over me…using my phone for searching something really amazing so that l could pass my time..

But one can’t find it entertaining from 8’o clock..

Yes I brushed my teeth ..took my breakfast …with a glance on the newspaper..

But some laziness is there which dragged me towards the bed..

And I came to lay under my blanket over my bed…time is moving very slow or I want some action ??

I don’t know..

Then in between this confusing state I am writing this on my blog…

just to tell everyone about my current state of mind… Which is enriched with laziness.. And sleepiness..

May be the winter is at its peak..or I am not enjoying the nonworking days..

yes I wait for Sundays.

But somehow Sundays are so boring for me…

Why ? What do you think people?

Look’ my 3rd tea is ready..let me take a sip!


8 responses to “Another Lazy Sunday!”

  1. Sometimes, it’s not bad to lay under the blanket being engulfed in a state of laziness and sleepiness and enjoying boring yet relaxing, peaceful and calm Sundays…. I love such Sundays (or holidays), don’t you ??

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  2. Absolutely. It’s the same which happens with me. Or I should say it’s happening with me right now.

    You wait for Sundays? That’s a good thing but you know what Sundays are boring too. You think you’ll do so many things but ended up laying on the bed half of the day and it just vanishes like anything.

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    • Well..thank you for such lovely comment… I will take your view… Yes we have the rat race to live with but we need to have the rest. But yes sometimes laziness effects you!!


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