Another Lazy Sunday!

It’s 12…in the day and I am still laying on my bed..with a blanket over me…using my phone for searching something really amazing so that l could pass my time..

But one can’t find it entertaining from 8’o clock..

Yes I brushed my teeth ..took my breakfast …with a glance on the newspaper..

But some laziness is there which dragged me towards the bed..

And I came to lay under my blanket over my bed…time is moving very slow or I want some action ??

I don’t know..

Then in between this confusing state I am writing this on my blog…

just to tell everyone about my current state of mind… Which is enriched with laziness.. And sleepiness..

May be the winter is at its peak..or I am not enjoying the nonworking days..

yes I wait for Sundays.

But somehow Sundays are so boring for me…

Why ? What do you think people?

Look’ my 3rd tea is ready..let me take a sip!



2 thoughts on “Another Lazy Sunday!”

  1. Sometimes, it’s not bad to lay under the blanket being engulfed in a state of laziness and sleepiness and enjoying boring yet relaxing, peaceful and calm Sundays…. I love such Sundays (or holidays), don’t you ??


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