Kerala needs you!

Please help Kerala ….

Nature has been harsh on the people over their. I want everyone of my friends and followers to do their bit for the sake of the humanity..

I just want you to make sure that spread awareness amongst the people who are around you and urge them to their work for the betterment of the condition in any possible way they want to do.. It could be a release of some fund through Bank Transactions, online transfer and Paytm .

This video doesn’t exist

If it is not possible then make sure that you can spread everything of the tragedy to the people including the charity methods and helpline numbers.

Please do it as they need it..

Please do as they are hoping we all are with them..

Please do as they are also like you and me..

And everyone of them is willing to live their lives.

Just do it . It won’t take much even if you can spread awareness amongst the people. In a way it is a help..

Your efforts are always for good cause…

Life is beyond artificial satisfaction… The more you help others the more you do the good work for your own satisfaction..

Thank you

10 responses to “Kerala needs you!”

  1. Thank you so much… Adi…
    I am not an actor a cricketer or some other celebrity …
    I am just a normal human being and this much is required.. And want others to be the same human being…


  2. That’s so kind of youuuu
    We malayalees respect you.
    Life is beyond artificial satisfactionโ€ฆ The more you help others the more you do the good work for your own satisfaction..๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Great post !!!

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    • Thank you .. I feel what I said..and written and want the same from maximum people I can …but I would suggest u that u r not malayalee…and I am not a Telugu person…we both are Indian…and we share they same pain what any other state person shares. Yes we have our boundaries in terms of geography.. But we are beyond that…and this is just nothing but humanity.

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      • Great brother !!
        I am really so sorry for my mistake ๐Ÿ˜”
        Yes we are Indians ๐Ÿค here after there is no malayalee , no Telugu , ONLY INDIANS.
        Thanks a lot brother for sharing this awesome thought .

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