This is not acceptable!

Hello People , An eight year old girl has been raped , drugged , and murdered in the temple. And this so painful by being the part of same society.

How could be they so brutal?
What they got by doing so?
What was her mistake?
Why they did?
How could we stop?
What is the actual solution?
How could we provide justice to her ?

They were humans?

What is the role of law and order? It exists or not?

How could we answer that girl?

What these coward Politicians are doing after her brutality?
When we could that our girls are safe?
Rape is always a crime whether the culprit is Hindu or Muslim . and we stand by the victims without any communal discrimination and no one can stop us for doing so…

And I Urge everyone to come forward to support them in every possible way .

We need a crimeless society . we want women empowerment. We want their utmost security . we want them to excel and embrace in the way they want.

We stand by for peace and Harmony.

We want justice. We want to stop this brutality at any cost. Please use the virtual and real world to open the eyes of our so called leaders so that they would do some thing to strengthen the women safety and punish the culprits.
it is more in the mind. They are mentally sick.

They are not humans. They don’t deserve to live in the same society .

And the darker part is that people are using their dirty games in the context of the issue just for the sake of their power game and to spread communal rights .

Please don’t make it a part of your dirty politics.

We stand for you kid.

#Justice #RIP #NomoreRapes.

8 responses to “This is not acceptable!”

  1. These cases are taking place because society fails to teach their so- called men, the required mannerisms. They can’t control their sexual desire, thus, taking the answer “NO” is not in their dictionary.Thus, they think imposing themselves physically will show how much of a man they are.

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