Dear Prabhjot…

Hello friends ,

Today I am going to share some memories of my college days , I think its the end of our 1st semester or so.. I met a person called Prabhjot Singh Virdi very much different from me in swag,ideology, physique and very much similar to me in facing problems.

Though we shared the same Bus for our transportation (bus no.8) we haven’t actually communicated may be because of the fact that we were Choosey in picking people.

But it was the 2nd semester in which I used to go college quite regularly . we have been friends but not after our college hours but gradually people have witnessed that the two boys from north and south have became brothers. Whether Its bus , class ,canteen , cricket match ,social gathering ,college function or even a friendly outing one could easily find us with each other all the time and trust me we have so many issues to solve in our conversation, so many topics to discuss, so many methods of improving our weaknesses so many comments for those to whom we don’t like hahaha.

If someone is in search of him or me he could get the proper address if anyone of us is been asked about the other. We managed our attendance also quite nicely by the virtue of it.

I still remember that I used to eat his tiffin box daily and I still thank her mother for making such delicious paranthas…

Its not that there were no difference of opinions between us infact we haven’t been in talking terms for more then a semester if I am not wrong but it became very small in front of our friendship and I thank him for this…

Trust me I have been his partner in crimes and this is something which I still don’t believe .

Few things never changes no matter how much time has passed I could still remember everything of those days. Thanks for being my friend otherwise that Engineering Would have became more then just boring…

I hope you remain the same bro…I still believe you are the most ambitious person my friend.

We all have that one friend who stays in our mind forever from school and college days.

28 responses to “Dear Prabhjot…”

  1. While reading this ,I was thinking about my best friend and that sentence with ‘partner in crime’ was amazing. I can relate with this post properly.
    Yes friends are like brother/sister from another mother. Without them life would not be simple like this. Lovely post ☺

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  2. Hello there! Finally found the time to take a look at your page. Your writing is passionate! The last line of this article about everyone having a friend that we never forget about – so true! Keep writing, happy to have bumped into you in this blogging space πŸ™‚

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  3. We come across many people and friends around,however few are there to whom we can show are true colours.Your post reminds me of my school friend with whom I have had unbelievable coincidences since the day we met in class 2nd.How randomly we were chosen as monitors despite sitting in different corners of the room,how we were both chosen in so many things together was a wonder.We had begun writing a book on all this,however have never been able to complete it.I wish someday,we get together again to complete it..

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  4. Not only college, but every memory with our friends, preserved in the back of our heads is a total and utter bliss. Everytime those memories resurface, they either have us smiling and grinning at the memories or crying from extreme sentiments clogged up in our throats. This excerpt is beautiful- the tale of your friends…

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