The Unique Blogger Award!

Hi friends ..News from the center is that I have been nominated for the Unique Blogger Award .

Well thank you so much Pritu for showing such faith and gratitude on me. I am really poor as compared to others in blogging I am writing here for my satisfaction and  i don’t think i deserve any award but I am here for her trust.

please friends follow and acknowledge her immense talent!

So let me answer her tough questions in which i am really poor from my school days..

1. If you  had to choose Between reading and writing what would you choose?

Ans. Well it is a difficult one but  I will choose Reading as I can know what the views/perceptions are there of others.

2. who is that blogger who comments on your post and makes your day?

Ans. Well for me every comment is special and everyone’s feedback is important but I will say pritu as that one blogger as she has nominated me for this beautiful award by giving 1st position in the nominees(safe).

3. If you would get the chance of speaking in front of your country what would be the topic you choose to speak?

Ans. Well if I will ever get a chance to speak in front of my country or may state or my district or my colony or in front of this world I will always prefer to talk about love and the beauty of love..As love is my favorite topic.

4. What is the most hilarious moment of your life ? Describe it?

Ans. Well there are so many moments which are very hilarious in my life its tough to pick one but as per  the task I have to do so once i have been stopped by a kinner in the local train and she touched my cheeks and  said if you will ask me I will give you on any given day ! I was just 16 at that time  i replied what? She said i will tell you give me your number then somehow my mother came and i had a lucky escape And I was along with my family and friends..they still tease me about that day.

5. What is the best thing you like about yourself?

Ans. This is the toughest question for me as even  I have to know that what I like or any one like about me?  I think I like my confidence level a lot. As that is the only thing I have may be gifted but yes I can do the toughest thing in the world if someone says that I can do it.

So thanking you all for your time I hope I have given my best in answering as I am very poor in that infact I hate those who asks questions to me. But today I loved it may be its because of WordPress!

Thanks to all.

My questions  to the nominees are?

1. Which is  your favorite or Bollywood ?

2. Who is your crush on WordPress?

3. Who is the most irritating person in your personal life (name) and why? 

4. Three changes you want to see in WordPress and why?

5. Name the person who has led you down by not nominating you till date?

Nominees are:

1. Pritu

2. Shreya 

3. Richa Pandey

4. Gargi


Thank you 


132 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award!

  1. Hahaha!!😂😂😂 I realised my questions were not so bad..😂😂😂 and I wuld love to answer your questions but I think I need a bit of time(within this week).. will that be okay?

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        1. If you have been expecting some1 to nominate you for any award in the WordPress but that person has not nominated you again and again ..ans nominated others.. And you felt bad for such expectations

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              1. I have post it.But ,Its not a complete Shayri andaaz .It will take me some time to get in flow,as After a long time ,I have written something like this.Chech Random Thoughts.I would like to hear your feedback.

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  2. I don’t post awards on my blog. But since you asked me to question the answers on my post, so here are the answers.

    1. Of course, bollywood. I don’t have much to do with cricket.

    2. None on WordPress

    3. Most irritating person to me, I guess me only.

    4. Three changes; umm only one, I want them to refurbish WordPress “Writing” tab in mobile format.

    5. None. Nomination doesn’t matter to me.

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          1. No,I have not manipulated any answers here ,Don’t think like that.I’m very straight forward person .Yes,I do get irritated but it doesn’t mean that they are wrong ,It’s bcoz of mood swings .No one can be blamed for it .Crush here on WP ,I haven’t look from that way .I love reading their posts .All of u

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            1. Okay okay…I haven’t said that u have manipulated answers but yes I thought you were trying to be simple as much as you can. .and every time we get irritated it does not mean they have fault it could be ours but yes they irritate us on regular basis.


              1. Yes,I’m a very simple girl and I do get irritated but sorry your question doesn’t fit correct for me .You said that who irritate you most nd Why.Sometimes I get irritated with myself .


                    1. Why not yaar .You can ,simple toh h .I get irritated if I’m failing to make routine ,due to mood swings .Sometimes it happens ,then every other person if speak something which we don’t want to hear ,it irritate us more and we get irritated by that person for a while .

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              1. couples of lines for yr 1st post.

                माना कि हम ही गलत थे जो तुझसे मोहब्बत कर बैठे,

                पर रोयेगी तू भी बहुत ऐसी वफ़ा की तलाश में।

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