I am not Alcoholic…!

Hello People, 

Today I am going to share some modern kind of allegations given to us . they are in the form of friends and Relatives in our life.

And this has became a serious issue now.

They have been asking me the same question in every possible way. 

  • Hey your eyes are looking very Red what’s cooking bro?
  • Hey Have you started using liquor or what?
  • What’s wrong why your eyes are looking different like you drunk last night?
  • Are you alcoholic now? 
  • you are using Liquor or Beers quite often or what?
  •  You are so restless I can see the difference in your eyes why!

Etcetera etcetera…!

Let me clear to you all and them that I have not tasted a single spoon of liquor or beer or any kind of drug so far in my life and will not use it ever in my life as don’t feel that I have a need to do so infact I am against drug addiction.. 

It is very annoying and irritating for me to answer them the same question again and again whether its a social gathering or a friendly outings.

My eyes have some issue or their Vision is not that clear any more I don’t know but I know that I am not  alcoholic .

Yes I am not Alcoholic…!

But if it seems different to them then I have to say that may be my eyes are quite different from their..


May be I am having an Intoxicated Eyes. 


65 thoughts on “I am not Alcoholic…!

        1. Hey.it may the same issue…u may have Intoxicated eyes …
          But with me the case is this because I don’t sleep properly nowadays.. The pain in my heart don’t allow me to do that…anyways ur eyes are beautiful.. Though

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  1. You don’t have to justify any of them it’s your choice to drink or not to drink.. They are not paying you off or taking you to the doctor for the red eyes.. Its they and not you who have to stop.. Good one

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  2. You should consult to a good eye specialist.Might be it is due to restless sleep or something else.Its a habit of people to judge others and make opinions ,don’t give much importance to them.

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    1. Yes you are right we should not entertain those kind of people but as long as I think my eyes are fine and I don’t think that there is any issue I will not consult with anyone. Thanks for your caring advice…


          1. Yes… Just feel this and never try to explain anything to anybody… You know what you are… If you are satisfied with yourself they continue being that and if not, change yourself… What are you explaining for? And why? And to whom? To them, who will always find something wrong in you?? Think my dear friend 😊😊

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