Hello beautiful People…

I am just trying to put my view on the different kind  of searches  we do on daily basis for different reasons ..

some people search for money

some for success

some for love

Some for pride

Some for happiness

Some for food

Some for Education

Some for Followers


Some for Job.
And there are many who don’t even now what they are searching..!

But why we all are doing  this ?

Is it our need or our beyond that ?

This proves that it does not matters that what we have we all are searching something which we don’t have we are demanding things at our will our needs are not getting diminished and it is not going to get diminished. We are the people who want every next thing in just one life we never get satisfied for what we have.

Is it a curse? or it’s just the tendency of humans.

But we are not living our life for the sake of living we are living to fulfill our demands as much as we can.

There are many who don’t even get basics like food shelter and education and there are many who are living in 4 & 5 BHKs and  are by paying donations for education in abroad.

Why this imbalance ?

Even we don’t know what we are actually searching ? I think we all have our own answers .

But at the end we all are searching  Satisfaction .


124 thoughts on “Searching…

                    1. I think u have a good fan base….and I can see that infact your nominations and awards speaks what u and ur quality is…and thanx but I don’t think that I have a single fan..but if u are then it is overwhelming for me!!!

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                    2. They are not generous …they are ur true fans they like ur talent and think that u are able enough to be nominated… I don’t know about others but it is nice to know that u r my fan…haha I mean fan of my work as u said earlier.

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                    3. I don’t about fans, but yes they are kind people to take time to read my work and invest their thoughts on commenting. So, yeah it’s really kind of them to encourage amateur like me. ☺️

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                    4. I think its just the image which makes us to do this…u have been good in blogging so they do their effort if u have not been then I don’t think their kindness would have been the same…

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    1. Well that’s 100% true bit we should know what we want actually to get satisfied…. Its not the case here people want everything richest person wants to become more Rich. Then what about the poor ones?

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              1. Dont talk about these NGOs.These are the places of crimes.From horse trading,hawala,money laundering,Child abuse,human trafficking and much more…some ngos also involved in forced conversions,anti national propaganda…they are ridiculous

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  1. Yes,so true said.We all are searching something the peace,happiness,love .Our search is sometime baseless and sometime fruitful ,but it will goes on until the desire of lavish living is not satisfied.

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  2. To be honest I am also searching something. But i am not crazy as hell to get it. I am happy and satisfied with my life. If I dont get anything extra from now on, I would be happy! 😊 πŸ‘β˜Ί

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