History….created but its just a start…

The Bahubali…….

The movie which has created a revolution in Indian cinema but can we maintain this for a longer Run do we have that calibre of course we have ,but as the Hype has created in the world…we have to maintain this rage for a long time.but how ? This is the million dollar question. Do we have more directors like Rajamouli do we have more actors like Prabhas Rana Anushka do we have more writers and of course the vision????

Let me remind all that its a regional cinema……

It may become the highest profitable cinema of india….

Is it a beginning of new Indian cinema….??? or its just fluke…time will tell……#bahubali roars

4 responses to “History….created but its just a start…”

  1. I’ve not watched enough of regional cinema but I know from the general prejudice against regional storytelling (from Bollywood, Bollywood press and Bollywood audience) that we often miss gems. That being said, regional cinema needs to take itself a little seriously too. Break free of the totally-for-masses mindset and dare to do something new. Of course, pan-indian themes (mother, Kings, dharma, duty) helped bahubali BUT there’s no denying the brilliance of the film.

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  2. Yesterday me and my brother were also discussing about the same topic. I like Tollywood and Pollywood rather than Bollywood. There was a time when bollywood movies were really awesome but now they are BAKWAS.

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