15.04.2017…the day to remember

Thank you…

Thank you so much god

Thank you all who have supported me in most the toughest phase of my life so far.. 

I will remember this day forever….

I must say that  this date has came very late  in my life …this late has taken alot from me my love …my pride… my passion …my believe …my quench.. my respect… my goal… my path .. My style …my hunger..my rest …my faith…my emotions… My tears and ofcourse my desired life…

Today when I have achieved this it’s just pity that the person with whon I wanted to share it with priority is not with me…she has her own priorities.. And when I was willing to achieve this..when she was willing from to Achieve I was just unable to do ..god I don’t know much about ur games but yes it’s very painful for me…I am very nostalgic today I hope I can share this with her before I die…I hope I can realize her that leaving me was never the right call…sorry bit I want to prove her decision wrong…I love her and will love her for the rest of my life but I cannot forgive her for the chwar nnd betrayal ….this life is enough I still believe for me to prove your decision wrong….and I will prove it for sure… I wish u and me can come together again and will celebrate our small happy moments..life give my happiness back plz….
Thank you god for at least thinking about me after a long delay….I hope from now I on u will be kind on ur most admired child…..thank you again to u and all from my best wishers including my family…


14 thoughts on “15.04.2017…the day to remember

  1. What you wrote was quite fine, if you don’t mind I would like to say that Must check grammar before posting😶, I mean some spells n all(that’s the typo one) and too you could have mentioned the situation you actually had, the problems and all..
    If you didn’t liked this, u r free to delete it from comments , I won’t mind😊

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