The same thing is different when you start feeling it..

The same world is different when you start exploring it..

The same life is different when you start living it…

The same people are different when you start accepting them..

The same problems are different when you start solving them..

The same joke  is different when you start enjoying it…

Reload the life by adding a new flair to it .

Everything is possible when you are willing to make it possible. It is very important to bring that adaptivity to withstand and conquer every single hurdle of life

Just Bring back Life to Liveliness.

Thank you


    Name is enough…

    Hi Friends, Hope you all are awesome in every possible way. Today I thought to write and  discuss on something very usual but uniquely quirky topic.

    We all have being given by some name it could be as per the choices of our family or being suggested by the people around them. They can give you the name of a girl to a boy or the name of the boy to the girl , some may have the names of Fruits,Flowers and Vegetables (Chameli,Nimbu Lal ,Mewa Singh,PhoolBai etc)

    And some of us may have the names of our ancestors. 

    We don’t have the choice of selection so we stick with those names whether anyone makes a joke on us.

    But some of like the name we have and some don’t.

    Some feel that their name is not unique, and some have the issues of not being a trendy or heroic name. Some may want to adopt the name of their favorite actor or any successful person.

    But every single name is unique so we are the ones who create the name.whatever your name is you should be able enough to make the name which world would remember for a long time.

    You’re special and so your name is . Names are being created by the individuals.

    Every Name has its own identity.

    Names are Being Made by us . 

    Thank You is Not enough for you.

    My favorite thing is to acknowledge people for being what they are in my life . Even though we do it quite often  , but it’s not enough to say thanks or thank you to them , this does not end their role played in our life.

    As we have grown to certain ages we learn , but we forget the ones who were in our school days they are our real friends ,our genuine friends. The friends who don’t like you because you are Rich , Intelligent , or you are Good Looking. They are with you because their soul connects. Their heart says that he/ she is my friend irrespective to the variable difference in  Gender, Culture ,Caste ,Creed or financial stabilities. 

    They  just come smile and say” hey hello ! you are my friend !”

    And the beautiful journey of friendship starts with sharing of Tiffins,Books,Notes and Secrets.

    And Gradually the time flies before you even notice that you are actually depending on each.

    This is the most purest form of friendship. The Real Friendship . The true Friendship without any Hidden Interest and Selfishness.

    I am glad that I have a friend like this ,called Anchal Lanjewar (Then) now Mrs. Anchal Meshram . 

    She is the most selfless soul i have seen. She has made my school life very memorable . she was there for every next possible thing in those days.  I remember When i was going with  a very bad patch in studies ..she took the initiative to teach me and  I still feel that I could not have cleared the exams if she would not have taught me.

     She got Married last year. She has invited me and how could I miss to attend . the only party I attended after years.

    I am very happy for her and wish her a beautiful life . And I am thankful to the god for giving me a friend like her in my life. she will be always my favorite friend . I  have said thanks to her many times but its not enough ..

    I  hardly make friends but when I make I don’t let them go. This is just a little way to express my gratitude to you and our friendship.

    You will be always my favorite friend Anchal. And I know you will be there for me my friend forever like you have been.

    “And Yes Me Aaj Bhi Dimaag ka Dahi  karta hu..”

    Thank you so much but this is not enough.



    And we entered to a very much new and fresh year #2018, 

    And Today is the very first date of it so here i wish all my fellow bloggers and friends a very very beautiful and happy new year .

    May you all remain the same quirky people as you all are. 

    And attain a lot of good vibes in your life . 

    May you all stay fit and healthy for ever . 

    May all your dreams and goals get accomplished . 

    May you all make yourself more significantly strong and bold . 

    May you all have the love of your life in the very best way of it.

    May you smile more and Cherish every single second of you life.

    May you live your life in the way you want .

    Happy New Year to all  .



    Sometimes you have the destiny but you don’t know how to reach…

    Sometimes you have the Questions but you don’t know how to answer..

    Sometimes you have the life but you don’t know how to live..

    Sometimes you have the Path but you don’t know how to walk..

    Sometimes you have the arsenal but you don’t know how to Fight..

    Sometimes you have the issues but you don’t know how to clear..

    Sometimes you have the fun but you don’t how to smile…

    Sometimes you have the love but don’t know how to confess…

    And Sometimes you have Everything but with Restrictions

     Thank you


    The Fake Truths…

    When it comes to make something according to you or me ,

    we are very selfish , we do every possible thing to turn the table in our way. 

    The truth which actually should come in public is always manipulated, As per the interests of the individual it gets chopped , moulded and fabricated as per the situation demands us to present.

    We are very smart in making stories which are no where  close to the reality which may have some realistic sinkings ,but half or more than half is always been constructed in the way we want it for making ourselves pure and correct.

    It is not just the problem

     it is actually the need of the daily life in the modern days. 

    We are bound to make things in our way for being considered as good or innocent.

    Its pity but we cannot ignore the reality.

    We are accustomed to this tricks in our daily whether its a small offense or a big crime. Whether we are late in our office we never admot that we were quite lazy in the morning we start blaming traffic even we create traffic accidents .

    Its starts with fun to get persuaded but later it becomes a life line for us to deal in with the issues..  For every now and then

     But I Hope we will know our mistake Either Today or Tomorrow

    Thank you


    And It Starts With You…

    Life is very Unexpected to us , it has different colors , different phases, and of course different situations to offer us.

     The darkness of it is very scary, And some of us may quit the precious life with lesser fighting spirit due to the hurdles ,obstacles and obligatory quotients .

    This is the most crunchy period as it shows the real fighter with in us . if we have conquered and surpassed all the tough phases of it with a smile on our face we are ready to taste the sweetness of life And we have been considered as champion.

    And if  somehow we have not been able to do so but we have been able to fight with stretching our limits we will be termed as a fighter. 

    But if we have opted for  surrendering under those situations then this life will show the other side of it . we will be never able to stand in front of mirror to face ourselves . 

    so it is always important to fight hard no matter in which way the result goes . we all need to have that fighting spirit within us to show the world that we are here to make changes  as per our own choices. And we can make life even more beautiful.

    There is always a Bright shiny day after a dark haunting Night.

    You are the only one who can make things happen it’s just that what you think and how you stand for your thought. 

    There is always the  first step which matters more  then the remaining steps .

    Be the change

    Thank You


    For The GENext…

    What is the Smallest Change  we can do in the society which could be beneficial to Enhance  the Future of  The Next Generation .

    We all have faced  and noticed certain issues so far in the society which have been the obstacle of me, you or next to you. Somehow we have either compensated or overcame with that but why we want others to face the same ??

    If we can do a bit to the society we may have a new breed of buds and with which we can become even stronger in the globe.

    Let’s take a put forward to change the things which are not good by the best of times …

    In any form Eradication and Revolution is necessary to form something good and beyond imagination.

    Basics Changes for The Next Generation is could be :

    1. Education System:  we are not that parallel in education in our own country there are few areas which are still struggling with illiteracy and poor quality of schoolings,we are exceptional and horrible as well depending upon the areas so we have to bring literacy in every part of country  with quality studies and Competitive Environment.

    2. Equality :  We need some Innovative minds who can think beyond reservations , because giving reservations to the people does not make them stronger in the society as it has crossed 70 years of Independence and I personally don’t feel that if I am from General category I don’t have the right to feel fair in the country. As this is partiality to the individuals who come from the general category,we have not been asked by god before giving us birth in this world I feel that this has to be changed with immediate effect this has been the strong reason for Unemployment and it is necessary to check whether the individual is actually in need of that reservation or not.

    3. Empowering Girls : Well this is the most needed change which we should bring in the society They are equally or  even more important than boys in the society as they represent the house of their husband as well as the house of the father. We have to educate the girls and provide them a secured society to feel free and live their life. The more they grow the more they give in return to the society it’s shameful to know that they feel insecure because of the society itself.

    let them learn ..

    let them fall ..

    let them rise.. 

     just try to make them feel comfortable to breathe ,smile ,talk,argue,sing dance,explore and live in the society

     we are here to make the small changes for the betterment of them.

    We Have faced alot.

    But we can Change ….


    Don’t make fun of me.

    You are someone 

     I loved the most …

    You are someone 

    I trusted the most…

    You are someone 

    I wanted the most…

    You are someone

    I needed the most…

    You are someone 

    I Believed the most…

    You are someone

    I Looked the most…

    You are someone 

    I cared the most…

    You are someone

    I Remember the most…

    I Love You


    That Kiss …!

    That Unexpected Kiss from her on my lips

      has turned into 

    An Extended Kiss from me

     which made her realize that 

    her lips have been bited

    and it’s her blood which she saw on my lips

     and with a smile she said 

    I think you gave me a love byte…

    How could she smile when she has been treated that way?

    Why she smiled with  a lot of glittering sparks in her eyes?

    Why that sweet kiss has turned into a  kiss of Blood?