Don’t make fun of me.

You are someone 

 I loved the most …

You are someone 

I trusted the most…

You are someone 

I wanted the most…

You are someone

I needed the most…

You are someone 

I Believed the most…

You are someone

I Looked the most…

You are someone 

I cared the most…

You are someone

I Remember the most…

I Love You

That Kiss …!

That Unexpected Kiss from her on my lips

  has turned into 

An Extended Kiss from me

 which made her realize that 

her lips have been bited

and it’s her blood which she saw on my lips

 and with a smile she said 

I think you gave me a love byte…

How could she smile when she has been treated that way?

Why she smiled with  a lot of glittering sparks in her eyes?

Why that sweet kiss has turned into a  kiss of Blood?

Just Sharing..

Hello Beautiful people …

    15th of July has been special for me and my family as it is the date of My dad’s birthday. And we all love him a lot. We have celebrated his birthday in the way we use to celebrate it. 

    so adding more things to this yesterday few good things have also been observed over WordPress which is very overwhelming for me so Sharing with you all.

    •  Highest no. Of likes on my site rprakashrao surpassing the previous best of 28likes.
    • 100+ likes on my site the roasted chicken and the current tally is 104.
    • 100+ followers on my site rprakashrao current tally is 117.
    • 50+ followers on my site the roasted chicken current tally is 51.

      Its has been a complete love for me .

      Thank you .

      Dear Prabhjot…

      Hello friends ,

      Today I am going to share some memories of my college days , I think its the end of our 1st semester or so.. I met a person called Prabhjot Singh Virdi very much different from me in swag,ideology, physique and very much similar to me in facing problems. 

      Though we shared the same Bus for our transportation (bus no.8) we haven’t actually communicated may be because of the fact that we were Choosey in picking people. 

      But it was the 2nd semester in which I used to go college quite regularly . we have been friends but not after our college hours but gradually people have witnessed that the two boys from north and south have became brothers. Whether Its bus , class ,canteen , cricket match ,social gathering ,college function or even a friendly outing one could easily find us with each other all the time and trust me we have so many issues to solve in our conversation, so many topics to discuss, so many methods of improving our weaknesses so many comments for those to whom we don’t like hahaha.

       If someone is in search of him or me he could get the proper address if anyone of us is been asked about the other. We managed our attendance also quite nicely by the virtue of it.

      I still remember that I used to eat his tiffin box daily and I still thank her mother for making such delicious paranthas…

      Its not that there were no difference of opinions between us infact we haven’t been in talking terms for more then a semester if I am not wrong but it became very small in front of our friendship and I thank him for this…

      Trust me I have been his partner in crimes and this is something which I still don’t believe .

      Few things never changes no matter how much time has passed I could still remember everything of those days. Thanks for being my friend otherwise that Engineering Would have became more then just boring… 

      I hope you remain the same bro…I still believe you are the most ambitious person my friend.

      We all have that one friend who stays in our mind forever from school and college days.

      The Unique Blogger Award!

      Hi friends ..News from the center is that I have been nominated for the Unique Blogger Award .

      Well thank you so much Pritu for showing such faith and gratitude on me. I am really poor as compared to others in blogging I am writing here for my satisfaction and  i don’t think i deserve any award but I am here for her trust.

      please friends follow and acknowledge her immense talent!

      So let me answer her tough questions in which i am really poor from my school days..

      1. If you  had to choose Between reading and writing what would you choose?

      Ans. Well it is a difficult one but  I will choose Reading as I can know what the views/perceptions are there of others.

      2. who is that blogger who comments on your post and makes your day?

      Ans. Well for me every comment is special and everyone’s feedback is important but I will say pritu as that one blogger as she has nominated me for this beautiful award by giving 1st position in the nominees(safe).

      3. If you would get the chance of speaking in front of your country what would be the topic you choose to speak?

      Ans. Well if I will ever get a chance to speak in front of my country or may state or my district or my colony or in front of this world I will always prefer to talk about love and the beauty of love..As love is my favorite topic.

      4. What is the most hilarious moment of your life ? Describe it?

      Ans. Well there are so many moments which are very hilarious in my life its tough to pick one but as per  the task I have to do so once i have been stopped by a kinner in the local train and she touched my cheeks and  said if you will ask me I will give you on any given day ! I was just 16 at that time  i replied what? She said i will tell you give me your number then somehow my mother came and i had a lucky escape And I was along with my family and friends..they still tease me about that day.

      5. What is the best thing you like about yourself?

      Ans. This is the toughest question for me as even  I have to know that what I like or any one like about me?  I think I like my confidence level a lot. As that is the only thing I have may be gifted but yes I can do the toughest thing in the world if someone says that I can do it.

      So thanking you all for your time I hope I have given my best in answering as I am very poor in that infact I hate those who asks questions to me. But today I loved it may be its because of WordPress!

      Thanks to all.

      My questions  to the nominees are?

      1. Which is  your favorite or Bollywood ?

      2. Who is your crush on WordPress?

      3. Who is the most irritating person in your personal life (name) and why? 

      4. Three changes you want to see in WordPress and why?

      5. Name the person who has led you down by not nominating you till date?

      Nominees are:

      1. Pritu

      2. Shreya 

      3. Richa Pandey

      4. Gargi


      Thank you 

      I am not Alcoholic…!

      Hello People, 

      Today I am going to share some modern kind of allegations given to us . they are in the form of friends and Relatives in our life.

      And this has became a serious issue now.

      They have been asking me the same question in every possible way. 

      • Hey your eyes are looking very Red what’s cooking bro?
      • Hey Have you started using liquor or what?
      • What’s wrong why your eyes are looking different like you drunk last night?
      • Are you alcoholic now? 
      • you are using Liquor or Beers quite often or what?
      •  You are so restless I can see the difference in your eyes why!

      Etcetera etcetera…!

      Let me clear to you all and them that I have not tasted a single spoon of liquor or beer or any kind of drug so far in my life and will not use it ever in my life as don’t feel that I have a need to do so infact I am against drug addiction.. 

      It is very annoying and irritating for me to answer them the same question again and again whether its a social gathering or a friendly outings.

      My eyes have some issue or their Vision is not that clear any more I don’t know but I know that I am not  alcoholic .

      Yes I am not Alcoholic…!

      But if it seems different to them then I have to say that may be my eyes are quite different from their..


      May be I am having an Intoxicated Eyes. 


      Hello beautiful People…

      I am just trying to put my view on the different kind  of searches  we do on daily basis for different reasons ..

      some people search for money

      some for success

      some for love

      Some for pride

      Some for happiness

      Some for food

      Some for Education

      Some for Followers


      Some for Job.
      And there are many who don’t even now what they are searching..!

      But why we all are doing  this ?

      Is it our need or our beyond that ?

      This proves that it does not matters that what we have we all are searching something which we don’t have we are demanding things at our will our needs are not getting diminished and it is not going to get diminished. We are the people who want every next thing in just one life we never get satisfied for what we have.

      Is it a curse? or it’s just the tendency of humans.

      But we are not living our life for the sake of living we are living to fulfill our demands as much as we can.

      There are many who don’t even get basics like food shelter and education and there are many who are living in 4 & 5 BHKs and  are by paying donations for education in abroad.

      Why this imbalance ?

      Even we don’t know what we are actually searching ? I think we all have our own answers .

      But at the end we all are searching  Satisfaction .